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Growing recognition of a beneficial role for cannabinoids, especially CBD, in human health has been driving their growing demand and legalization in the United States as well as around the world, and with it the opening of untapped markets of immense size.
Several States have crafted laws to allow the medicinal use of cannabinoids. Meanwhile, the United States Agricultural Act of 2014 sets the stage for commercial hemp cultivation around the United States. These developments are in balance with work by ANANDA Scientific to grow CBD-rich hemp plants, to sell chemistry and medicinal products rendered from them and to otherwise make cannabinoids desirable medicine by healthcare providers. The work of ANANDA Scientific is complemented by the high likelihood of cannabinoid rescheduling by the United States Department of Justice in the near future (which will finally permit US Food and Drug Administration scrutiny and approval of medicines containing cannabinoids), the Department of Justice’s position to not interfere with States’ that have legalized cannabinoids, and the Drug Enforcement Agency’s willingness to issue research permits to those doing bona fide medical research on cannabinoids.
To further the progression to sensible legalization and regulation, ANANDA Scientific has been providing its expertise on a State-by-State basis to legislatures, healthcare professionals and other germane entities. ANANDA Scientific considers this effort important to fostering a sincere, positive image as the most advanced and forward seeking professional enterprise concerned with making cannabinoids real human medicine.

Corporate Profile

Responsible Cannabinoid Therapies

ANANDA Scientific consists of professionals well able to craft an environment for producing cannabinoids in abundance and for rendering these into real human medicine along with other products beneficial to human health. Knowledge, an understanding of industry needs, technical innovation, a science-based approach and teamwork define who we are.


Delaware (USA) Corporation, established March 2012


Privately-held company


299 South Main Street
Suite 1300
Salt Lake City, Utah 84111, USA


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