BitCoin Payments

The CBD Store will be accepting Bitcoin Payments. 

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How To Use BitCoin

Paying with Bitcoin is easy with the Coinbase App:

Appstore Playstore

Please note:

  • You have 13 minutes to complete a Bitcoin purchase otherwise you will have to place the order again.
  • To purchase bitcoin instantly you must load bitcoin on Coinbase with: Credit/Debit Card or Paypal.
  • After you have the right amount of Bitcoin in your Coinbase wallet you can complete the purchase on our site by scanning the QR Code on the checkout screen

First Get the Coinbase App for your mobile device:

Appstore Playstore

Step 2: Connect Your Credit/Debit or Paypal

After you sign up, connect your Credit/Debit Card account. You’ll need to complete some verification steps before you can use the account. Once the verification steps are complete, you can start a purchase.

Step 3: Once you have successfully added Bitcoin to your Coinbase wallet. You can complete the checkout process on our site. Proceed to checkout on our site with Bitcoin and click “Proceed to Bitpay” a new page will load with a QR code that looks like this:

To find out how much Bitcoin you need, just look at the Total in Bitcoin on our checkout screen that load:

Now scan the image by clicking the Following icon in the Coinbase App:

(insert image of QR icon on coinbase)


Your purchase will be successful once we receive the payment registered which is about 30-35 minutes from when you send it