Budding Botanical

The Budding Botanical Story

In 2006, our son was diagnosed with Idiopathic Aplastic Anemia. The doctors were able to stabilize his condition until 2011 when his body developed a secondary condition called PNH. The only cure for these 2 diseases are a bone marrow transplant. On August 16, 2011, Trevor had a non-related donor bone marrow transplant. Leading up to the transplant, he had strong chemotherapy to shut down his entire immune system so he could accept the new bone marrow. He had extreme nausea and wanted help from me without having to use heavy drugs from the doctors. I immediately asked the doctor and his suggestion was to make sure anything we gave him was organic. Off I went to start experimenting with edibles. He used the edibles that I made and was home from the hospital 45 days after the transplant. He is now a 5th year senior in college and is doing great. 
2 weeks after we received the "all cured" for Trevor from the doctors, I found a lump in my breast. I was diagnosed with breast cancer, had surgery and immediately started treatment of chemotherapy and radiation. My chemotherapy treatments left me in so much joint pain that I was unable to walk the flight of stairs in our home. It was then that I started to experiment with salves and tinctures. I was able to complete my treatment with less pain and no blistering of the skin from the radiation.