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The CBD store receives enquires from time to time on sourcing product.  Packaging,  on-demand label printing, AKA you want to buy your own label printer.  Automatic or Semi-Automatic Label machines.  And Custom labels. 

We need a resource for flower? We need to buy CBD in bulk? We would like to outsource our blister pack and backer packets that our concentrates or/and cartridges vape pens go into. We need custom labels? We need to automate our labeling process. We need on Demand printing or if you will just in time printing. 

Scott Salisbury in the Cannabis Business helping Cannabis companies with the following... 

Ionic...  Washington State. I introduced a packaging company to them for outsourcing everything connected to their product packaging. Blister packs with backers. I have those connections.  Done!

Gagga Edibles... Washington State. Packleader 521 auto joint labeling machine. Gone are the days of 7 people label parties. Done!

Millennium Green LLC... Washington State. Custom Labels, and bringing them together with another 502 who needed Cannabis grown with a higher percentage of CBD than THC.   Done!

Tarukino... Washington State. Semi-automatic label machines  Done! 

Dose Oil... In discussion, Custom labels and automatic label machine. 

Aritizen... In discussion, Custom labels.   


Scott Salisbury 
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