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CBD News Sept 19 2020

posted Sep 19, 2020, 6:30 AM by Scott Salisbury

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C+L PREPARE Series allows you to win the day, by kick-starting your training using our line of custom formulations using CBD to prime your body for whatever challenges you encounter.

C+L PERFORM Series is meant to be used during your workout, providing a concentrated dose of CBD to enhance focus and concentration while you train.

C+L RECOVER Series features our most comprehensive roster of products, supporting you in executing upon an active recovery strategy that will allow you to recover faster so you can train harder and continue achieving personal bests.
(coming soon)

Making  cancer cells visible to the immune system

Federal (Orphan Drug Status granted)
22q is a rare midline condition featuring physical abnormalities and debilitating neuropsychiatric and behavioral symptoms including anxiety, withdrawn behavior, and social interaction problems.
Scott's take... I was not aware that anxiety, withdrawn behavior, and lack of social interaction were rare. On another note once it is approved a company can reconstitute the drug for other conditions, or if you will another revenue stream, and possibly a new patent. 

Form factor... Zygel is a pharmaceutically-manufactured cannabidiol (CBD) formulated as a permeation-enhanced transdermal gel. It is designed to provide controlled drug delivery into the bloodstream through the skin with a lower incidence of GI side effects. The investigational therapy is believed to be beneficial in addressing the behavioral symptoms associated with 22q.

Skin is a complex barrier organ of the body comprised of many layers.  It is designed to effectively repel most foreign objects from entering the body.  The outer layer of the skin is called the stratum corneum.  It is the “dead cell” layer of the skin since all of the cells are non-living.  More importantly, it is lipophilic meaning that it is fat loving as opposed to hydrophilic which is water loving. Being lipophilic, oils can easily penetrate the stratum corneum while water, which is hydrophilic, is instantly repelled. This is why you don’t dissolve when you take a bath or a shower.  

Phase Change Technology
Herb Tech has created an emulsion technology that can change its orientation from oil to water. In science, this is known as a “phase change”.  Emulsions look like creams, but they are much more complex.  They are stabilized oil and water molecules attached to certain binders. 

When the emulsion is in an oil environment (like the stratum corneum) all of the oil components organize on the outside of the emulsion allowing it to penetrate the stratum corneum carrying along the hydrophilic components on the inside of the emulsion.  When the emulsion gets to the epidermis, a hydrophilic environment, the emulsion “breaks”.  This means that many of the lipophilic components leave the emulsion while the hydrophilic components now move to the outside of the emulsion.

The lipophilic components (CBD and other botanicals) that remain are now on the inside of the emulsion which can now pass to the epidermis.   Without   phase change technology, penetration of CBD and other botanicals won’t occur. 

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CBD News Sept 18 2020

posted Sep 18, 2020, 7:05 AM by Scott Salisbury

Scott's Take... "I have no idea if CBD is better for Boners". What I do know is that the men golfers walking by our booth on hole number 8 (a par three) donated to the cause. Half of all donations went back to the men's club hoppers. 

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Scott's take.. I love Copper! We will be meeting with 


(The Center Square) – The USDA signed off on an extension of Maine’s fledgling hemp program beyond late October, but state agriculture specialists are at a loss as to how the sector can move forward. Hemp producers across Maine must adhere to new federal guidelines, which state horticulturalist Gary Fish stresses are written differently from current state rules. Fish said that could be problematic for those who harvest after Oct. 31, the original sunset date for the industry. Under one new federal rule, a hemp strain’s THC level could determine whether it remains legal.
Scott's take... We lost $25,000 a month in revenue with one phone call we recieved one day... Scott, we are going to arrest you! CBD Vape cartridges had to be taken off our website. Why? well that does not matter. What does matter is the rule of law. The rule of law in the state of WA moved us to remove vape cartridges with CBD. Did we conform? Yup of course we did. Delta 8? We will not be sellng Delta 8. Rule of law needs to be respected! So no, no Delta 8. 

Way back when (New Section) 
Rumours have swirled for years that Willie Nelson smoked weed on the roof of the White House during Jimmy Carter's presidency; he himself confirmed as much in his '88 autobiography, where he claimed to have sat on the roof with “with a beer in one hand and a fat Austin Torpedo in the other”, although he kept quiet about who he shared the "torpedo" with.
Scott's take... I cannot confirm or deny this article is true. 

We do though carry Willie's CBD Brand in The CBD Store Seattle WA 
The CBD Store

The show will feature Hologram USA’s groundbreaking holograms of Billie HolidayJackie Wilson and Chief Keef, performing their most loved songs and talking about their lives. There will also be comedy & burlesque acts, and cameos from the all-time biggest names in R&B and Hip Hop such as Tupac ShakurBiggie Smalls and Michael Jackson.  Civil Rights warrior Maxine Waters even makes an appearance. Trinidadian Reggae giant Marlon Asher will reveal a new interpretation of his hit, “Ganja Farmer” at the embassy in honor of Antigua’s new Hemp Bill passing on Sept 18.  

Canna Hemp is renowned for its TerpFX proprietary terpene blends. Terpenes are the distinctive oils found in different cannabis strains, and each terpene provides the plant with a unique set of individual qualities. Terpenes are produced in the same glands in the cannabis plant that also produce cannabinoids, like CBD. 
Scott's take... I have never heard of Canna Hemp until this article. 

the cbd store Jampha
The CBD Store Seattle WA 

Scott's take... The King of Terpenes mixed with cannabinoids is Trinn Allen owner of the The Floating Buddha brand named Jampha. Trinn's opeation is in Blaine WA. Blaine WA is 98 miles North of Seattle WA. Our operation is South of Seattle. Ghost Busters? who do you call Scott? I call Trinn. 

Marijuana has gotten plenty of attention in Arkansas since November 2016 when the state’s voters passed Amendment 98, which legalized medical marijuana. (Photo: Talk Business & Politics)<p>{/p}
Julie Brents, Antigone “Tig” Davoulas, Brittany Phillips and Syrona Scott are partners in Shake Brands Corp., an industrial hemp branding and manufacturing company based in Johnson.

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Best Regards, Scott Salisbury Selling CBD online Since Dec of 2013
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CBD News Sept 17 2020

posted Sep 17, 2020, 7:34 AM by Scott Salisbury

Seattle WA


Hugs CBD

Investing News Network
Cardiol is looking to follow the path blazed by GW Pharma in utilizing the FDA’s Orphan Drug Designation, a program designed to encourage and fast-track development of drugs for the treatment of rare diseases. Acute myocarditis is thought to affect around 70,000 Americans, fitting nicely under the Orphan Drug cap of 200,000 afflicted citizens, and about double the U.S. patient population represented by GW’s treatment for rare childhood epilepsies (Lennox-Gastaut and Dravet Syndromes).

Seattle WA 

Seattle WA 
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Los Gatos, California
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Private Label Patches. 
Makers of Pure Joy Elements uniquie Reservoir patch delivery system 
  • Reservoir Topical Patches
  • Capture massive margins selling these patches that retail for more than $18 each
  • Each patch individually sealed, printed with your company's logo
  • Professionally packaged with your branding, FDA compliant
  • Custom formulations specific to your company objectives, secured only for your company 
  • Bulk drop-Shipped to you in 4 weeks, ready to sell

Oregon and California 
Czech Republic
In the Czech Republic, pure CBD is not a scheduled substance. In terms of legality, using isolate and extracts - which must always be THC-free - depends on additional regulations according to each product category.

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Brought to you by The CBD Store Seattle WA
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Best Regards, Scott Salisbury Selling CBD online Since Dec of 2013
Scott.Salisbury@CBDStore.co  253 221 9051 Call me if you like. 

CBD News Sept 15 2020

posted Sep 15, 2020, 6:27 AM by Scott Salisbury

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Sleep    Breath    Energy     immune    Stress   Digestive    Focus    Balance    Calm    Relieve

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New York 
Spectrum News
Kaycha Labs cut the ribbon on its 9,000 square foot facility Monday, opening at the site of the old state prison.





Federal Workplace Drug Testing Proposal Could Discriminate Against People Of Color

CBD News Sept 14 2020

posted Sep 14, 2020, 11:39 AM by Scott Salisbury

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State of Washington 
Auburn Golf Course Scott Salisbury Home Course
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Two Man Best Ball tournament. Thanks to everyone who came by our booth on hole #8 on Saturday and hole #16 on Sunday, We handed out over $4,000 worth of CBD products for FREE. All members I might add who received CBD left a donation. 50% of donations went back to The men's club. YAP! good times! Also, all this week use coupon code scott30 to receive a 30% discount from www.buycbd.co this coupon is open to anyone in the USA #ThecbstoreseattleWA

Portland Oregon

Cancer Research 


New California Law Opens Doors for Formerly Incarcerated Firefighters


USDA Federal 
Team Work

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CBD News Sept 12 2020

posted Sep 12, 2020, 5:41 AM by Scott Salisbury

The research team, led by Dr. Joseph Wakshlag of Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine with the help of colleagues at the University of Florida, did a metabolite screening with funding from ElleVet Sciences using ElleVet product, and determined that CBDA is both better absorbed and retained as compared to CBD, particularly when combined with a lecithin base as the delivery oil. CBDA is shown to be anti-inflammatory, and this superior absorption and retention offer great promise in veterinary use.

CBDa Products made by Planetarie, sold in The CBD Store Seattle WA 

Green Market Report

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Cannabis, hemp, CBD: the Japanese cannabis landscape
Cannabis has a long history in Japan, dating back to its pre-historical period. Fibre and seeds of hemp have been discovered in the remains of human habitats from the Jomon period (10,000 BC to 300 BC).


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Reuters India

GreenTek Packaging launches hemp made disposable utensils
Packaging Gateway

Chicago Business Journal
Equilibria, founded last year by Coco Meers and Marcy Capron Vermillion, has grown an average of 20% month-over-month this year as more customers are requesting the startup's CBD products and its "dosage specialists" who provide 1-on-1 consultations to help users understand how much CBD to take and other personalized support, Meers said.


📰🌿CBD News Sept 10 2020

posted Sep 10, 2020, 6:13 AM by Scott Salisbury

The CBD Store

The CBD Store

The CBD Store Seattle WA NEW brands 

CBD Events Wired takes place today. 20 NEW Brands will be introduced to The CBD Store Seattle WA 

Martha Stewart

NewsCenterMaine.com WCSH-WLBZ
“Last year we had over 2,000 acres and this year there are 350 acres licensed, but only about half of that will have been planted."



San Diego County Farm To Host U-Pick Hemp Flower Event
According to Dr Agarwal, more than 60,000 patients in Australia have been prescribed cannabis via the Special Access Scheme or an Authorised Prescriber. He said this can be a “clunky” process, often involving an individual per-patient approval from the TGA each time.

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