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📰🌿CBD Daily News May 25 2020

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📰🌿CBD Daily News May 23 2020

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The number of Pennsylvania hemp farmers has plunged over the last year, according to the state Department of Agriculture. In 2019, the state issued 829 permits. This year, it issued 415 — although it is still working to process about 215 incomplete applications.

Arkansas hemp farmers reported capital investments last year of more than $5.8 million, total operating costs of $5.9 million, and sales to processors of nearly $846,000. They reported a total gross income of $702,291, an average of $3,266 per farmer, according to agency figures outlined by the Democrat-Gazette.

Capital Press
“We’ve had some doctors get in touch with us two and three years ago asking if we could get CBG because it was shrinking tumors and helping patients through cancer treatment,” Rochelle said, adding that it took two years to get her hands on CBG seeds. They cost twice as much as their counterparts, but she believes CBG is tomorrow’s new and improved CBD.

Tha Vancouver-based hemp grower paid just over $2 million to acquire five acres of farmland, along with processing equipment.  The deal includes 23.6 square feet of 7Oaks' newly built operational facilities, including 9,600 square feet of hemp drying space, an insulated warehouse of 6,000 square feet, and 8,000 square feet greenhouse.

The complex is expected to cost $1.2 to $2 billion and create a total of 2,000 direct jobs between the refinery and the greenhouses, he said.


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📰🌿CBD Daily News May 22 2020

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The CBD Store Seattle Washington 


immune support medterra

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Results reviewed from this 700-person study showed that 42% of participants were able to abstain from cigarettes by using cannabidiol. It was further noticed that with short-term and long-term CBD use, the potential to stop was higher among the 25-35 age group.

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Motley Fool
As part of the all-share transaction, Reliva members will receive $40 million worth of Aurora's common stock. The deal also includes a potential earn-out of up to $45 million in additional Aurora shares, cash, or a combination of the two. Those funds will be paid out if Reliva is able to hit certain financial targets over the next two years. In this way, the earn-out is intended to reduce risk for Aurora's investors and incentivize Reliva's management to create value for the combined company.

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Salamanca Press
Jessica Crouse, hemp compliance administrator for the Nation, said the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) formally approved the Nation’s plan March 30. She said the Seneca Nation Hemp Production Ordinance, as amended, was approved at the Regular Session of Council on April 11, which is a huge step forward.

Consumers equate “hemp extract” and “hemp oil” with CBD, but do not realize these products are made from hemp seed oil, not from hemp flower, and as such contain virtually zero CBD or any other therapeutic cannabinoid compound.  The FDA and DEA have perpetuated this misconception by motivating authentic CBD manufactures to use vague/gray-area terms like “hemp extract” or “hemp oil” in order to avoid enforcement actions. And while consumers can find authentic CBD products labeled as “hemp extract” or “hemp derived,” consumers would need to look and understand the ingredients listed and the claimed dosage amounts.

phase change technology
Phase Change Technology

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📰🌿CBD Daily News May 20 2020

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CV Sciences, Inc. Receives Formal Notice of Patent Issuance
from USPTO for Proprietary Cannabidiol (CBD) and Nicotine Formulation for Treating Smokeless Tobacco Addiction




Phase Change Technology (through the skin)

Phase Change Technology

Herb Tech has created an emulsion technology that can change its orientation from oil to water. In science, this is known as a “phase change”.  

The CBD Store Seattle WA signs Herbtech 

Hot Springs Sentinel
Industrial hemp production lucrative, but start small
English said the estimated income per acre for industrial hemp comes from a Kentucky enterprise budget on industrial hemp (CBD plasticulture model). The projected revenue of one acre was $36,000, based on an expected Dry Matter Yield of 1,200 pounds per acre at a price of $30 per pound (selling plants with a CBD oil content of 6 percent at $5 for each percent of CBD).  In the study, the variable or input cost -- for license fees, transplants, fertilizer, disk harrowing, plastic mulch and drip irrigation -- was estimated at $10,400, bringing the return above variable cost to $25,594.

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Cannabis shows promise blocking coronavirus infection: Alberta researcher

“A number of them have reduced the number of these (virus) receptors by 73 percent, the chance of it getting in is much lower,” said Kovalchuk.

But it’s generally the anti-inflammatory properties of high-CBD content that have shown most promise, he added. “We focus more on the higher CBD because people can take higher doses and not be impaired,” said Kovalchuk.

New Mexico
Logo: Neptune Wellness Solutions (CNW Group/Neptune Wellness Solutions Inc.)

Yahoo Finance

Key findings from the report include:

  • CBD purchasers aged 35-54 are most likely (21%) of any group to spend over $100 per month on CBD.
  • 29% of Americans reported being likely to purchase CBD in the following six months.
  • 18% of Americans have tried CBD and 86% of Americans know of CBD.
  • 40% of CBD consumers report using CBD at least once a week.
  • 60% of American CBD consumers report using CBD for some form of unwinding (e.g., relaxation, relieving stress or anxiety reduction).

📰🌿CBD Daily News May 19 2020

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📰🌿CBD Daily News May 18 2020

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📰🌿CBD Daily News May 17 2020

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The CBD Store Seattle Washington (Toothpaste and mouthwash)

Innovation Award goes to Omura... Scott Salisbury 

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📰🌿CBD Daily News May 16 2020

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Canopy Growth
The CBD Store - Seattle Washington signs NDA with Canopy Growth 

📰🌿CBD Daily News May 15 2020

posted May 15, 2020, 5:25 AM by Scott Salisbury   [ updated May 15, 2020, 7:07 AM ]

Canopy Growth
The CBD Store - Seattle Washington signs NDA with Canopy Growth 

Seatle Washington
Under the terms of the agreement, 3 Rivers will sell tissue culture clones derived from Hemp Mine's premium hemp varieties to licensed growers across the United States and globally.

Health Europa
The French regulatory framework currently prohibits the marketing of products derived from the whole plant, and thus of all products containing CBD, whereas the use of synthetic CBD (chemically identical) is generally permitted. 

Courthouse News Service
An adviser for the European Court of Justice said France hasn’t identified any negative health risks to justify its CBD ban.
In his nonbinding opinion for the European Court of Justice, Advocate General Evgeni Tanchev said Thursday that the cannabidiol, or CBD, in Kanavape’s products shouldn’t be illegal to move between EU countries because CBD, an extract from the hemp plant, isn’t considered a narcotic drug. 

Extraction Technology 
PURE5 Extraction: extracting pristine cannabis terpenes

PURE5 Extraction with R-134a PURE5 Extraction uses a low pressure and room temperature extraction, which extracts the terpenes and the cannabinoids in the plant without all the unwanted components such as fats, lipids, waxes or chlorophyll. The solvent used is called R-134a, which is a fluorinated hydrocarbon also known as Freon. In the past Freons were used in cleaning, cooling, heating, aerosols, additives to breathing mixtures, purification, and more, in multiple industries. There are also freons like R11 and R22 that are outdated due the negative effect on the ozone layer. R134a does not cause the ozone layer depletion and ir is recognized as Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) by the FDA, and is widely used in aerosols as an agent for oral drug delivery.


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CBD Daily News May 14 2020

posted May 14, 2020, 7:29 AM by Scott Salisbury

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Vertical Wellness, an industry leader in the hemp cannabinoid health and wellness space, has partnered with Kathy Ireland Worldwide for CBD products. The new strategic relationship encompasses all CBD product categories including beauty, health and wellness, pets, edibles and more



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What does colloidal oatmeal do for eczema?
Soothes irritation: According to King, the cellulose and fiber in colloidal oatmeal give it emollient properties that calm redness and irritation. Greenfield adds that it's great for patients with mild-to-moderate eczema or ichthyosis as well as those with itchy skin and sunburns.

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