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 HIA v. DEA, as long as there is no high-inducing tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in the product. According to the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), "The mere presence of [non high-inducing] cannabinoids (CBD) is not itself dispositive as to whether a substance is within the scope of the Controlled Substances Act.” 
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📰🌿CBD News August 24 2019

posted by Scott Salisbury   [ updated ]

Tennesee Hemp 
John Henry 

WKRN News 2

It’s a crucial time for the more than 3,000 licensed hemp farmers in Tennessee. With harvest time approaching, hemp farms must pass a specific test in order to proceed with operations. It’s a big day for Kyle Owen’s 20 acre hemp farm in Smith County. “It’s one that I’ve dreaded and looked forward to both the whole time,” said Owen.

As a licensed hemp farmer, he’s required to get his crop tested for THC levels.“We’ve probably got $75,000, $75,000 to $80,000 invested here with absolutely no safety net whatsoever,” said Owen. “So if this test were to come back high, I would be out of pocket that money – no way to recuperate from it.”

Arizona same time frame as john henry 

Medford Oregon

“We’re getting about double the amount of CBD out of every plant that anyone in the nation can get.”

the cbd store

the cbd store the cbd store the cbd store the cbd store


People suffering from serious conditions are forgoing doctor visits in favour of self-medicating with CBD oil, according to one "very worried" researcher. "A lot of patients have contacted me from all over Canada, and [are] using cannabidiol to treat depression, bipolar disorder," said Dr. Gabriella Gobbi, a psychiatrist at McGill University's faculty of medicine and the McGill University Health Centre.

Kalytera to Conclude Phase 2 Clinical Study and Initiate Phase 3 Study

BY GlobeNewswire
— 8:00 AM ET 08/19/2019

SAN FRANCISCO and TEL AVIV, Israel, Aug. 19, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kalytera Therapeutics, Inc. (KALTF) (the "Company" or "Kalytera") today announced that interim results from the Company’s Phase 2 clinical study evaluating cannabidiol (“CBD”) for the prevention of acute graft versus host disease (“GVHD”) are significantly positive, and, as a result, the Company will not enroll the high dose cohort in its ongoing Phase 2 study, but will instead proceed directly to initiate a Phase 3 clinical registration study.

Bartell Drugs Logo

bartell drugs

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📰🌿CBD Daily News August 23 2019

posted Aug 23, 2019, 5:37 AM by Scott Salisbury   [ updated Aug 23, 2019, 6:19 AM ]

active botanical

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence said Epidyolex was too expensive to prescribe on the NHS
Nice’s draft guidance, published today, says that while the oil “reduces the number of the main types of seizures associated with these conditions,” the body had “concerns about the validity of the economic models” of GW Pharma, the company that provides it.

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specktra cbd

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The CBD Store
The CBD Store selling CBD Online Since Dec 20 of 2013

📰🌿CBD Daily News August 22 2019

posted Aug 22, 2019, 6:41 AM by Scott Salisbury   [ updated Aug 22, 2019, 7:36 AM ]

the cbd store

the cbd store
CV Sciences’ expansion broadens distribution and availability of a broad assortment of the Company’s best-selling PlusCBD™ Oil products. Distribution across The Vitamin Shoppe’s national footprint includes both topical products, such as PlusCBD™ Oil Extra Strength Balm and recently launched PlusCBD™ Oil Roll-On, as well as PlusCBD™ Oil full-spectrum hemp extracts including Gold Formula Softgels, Gold Formula Drops, and Total Plant Complex Sprays and Capsules.  PlusCBD™ Oil products will be available beginning on September 22, 2019, at 383 Vitamin Shoppe stores in 30 U.S. states and Puerto Rico. This expansion brings CV Sciences’ PlusCBD™ Oil distribution to more than 5,300 retail locations throughout the U.S.
the cbd store plus cbd
The CBD Store selling CV Sciences Plus CBD Brand since January of 2014 

CV Sciences, Inc. Announces Distribution Partnership With The Vitamin Shoppe

UK (across the pond)
The Vitality CBD Muscle Balm, one of 6 SKUs now stocked in Tesco. The Muscle Balm is Vitality CBD's ultimate topical CBD application. Its unique blend of organic essential oils ensures an easy application and a fresh fragrance. With one easy dosage point at 300mg, it's an easy external way for CBD to be absorbed into the skin, muscle and joints. There’s no need to only apply it in a localised area - massage it across your body for the full impact.

Active botanical Salve The CBD Store
Thousands of Canadians have been denied entry to the U.S. simply for admitting they've smoked a joint once in their lives. Others have been banned from entering the country for life for carrying cannabis products to the border — a punishment that this unsuspecting CBD oil user could now face as well, according to immigration experts.

Instead, the bill as amended would put into law the current practice of allowing a driver to have a trace amount of THC in their blood, far below the level that is considered intoxicated. Wisconsin would join six other states with similar laws.

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Certificate program grows for hemp production

Beginning this fall, Vermont Technical College students will be the first in Vermont to be able to learn how to grow CBD and CBG hemp from the staff at Northeast Hemp Commodities and earn a hemp cultivation certificate as part of their studies.

North Carolina 

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) - Legislation that prohibits North Carolina production and possession of smokable hemp next year while laying the regulatory groundwork to expand the state's industrial and medicinal hemp industry has cleared a second legislative chamber. The House voted 63-48 on Wednesday for the General Assembly's annual farm bill.



the cbd store

The CBD Store
The CBD Store selling CBD Online Since Dec 20 of 2013

📰🌿CBD News August 21 2019

posted Aug 20, 2019, 5:05 PM by Scott Salisbury   [ updated Aug 21, 2019, 6:25 AM ]

All-Natural Hemp Pet Chews

A CBD dog chew (or 2) per day can help keep many health problems at bay.

CBD per dog treat: 2 mg

CBD Treats per Bottle: 30

Recommended Usage: 1 mg for every 8.8 lbs 1-2 Times Daily (0.25 mg/kg)

Active Ingredients: 2mg organically-grown hemp oil

the cbd store maxton health

the cbd store

Raphael Mechoulam. Photo: Amit Shabi
 Tel-Aviv listed cannabis producer Cannbit is launching a study to test a cannabis-based treatment for three aggressive types of cancer, Cannbit announced in a filing to the exchange Thursday. The study will be led by cannabis research pioneer Raphael Mechoulam of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, who chairs Cannbit’s scientific advisory committee. Hadassah University Hospital-Ein Kerem and Sheba Medical Center will collaborate on the study.

USciences cannabis

The University of the Sciences has a new MBA program for students looking to break into the cannabis industry. The program is the first of its kind in the United States. 

LALPINA CBD water can now be purchased online at visiting

Gottlieb also pointed out that the drug Epidiolex, made by GW Pharmaceuticals and approved by the FDA in 2018 to treat seizure disorders, is the only legally available purified form of CBD.

Sioux Falls Argus Leader


the cbd store

The CBD Store
The CBD Store selling CBD Online Since Dec 20 of 2013

📰🌿CBD Daily News August 20 2019

posted Aug 20, 2019, 5:36 AM by Scott Salisbury   [ updated Aug 20, 2019, 7:08 AM ]

Ranging from black and white to gunmetal grey, with different colors and styles launching with each drop, these CBD-infused garments are constructed from sustainable, luxe fabrics in both high shine and matte finishes, with prices starting at $120 for sports bras and tanks, $160 for leggings, and $250 for jackets and jumpsuits. "Our variety of garments were designed with the active woman in mind, providing her the opportunity to not only workout in high-fashion styles, but also continue her day in luxurious fabrics that are breathable and move with her," says Katrina Petrillo, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer at Acabada ProActiveWear. 

The CBD Store

Elixinol USA is a manufacturer and global distributor of industrial hemp-based dietary supplement and skincare products. The Company is widely regarded as one of the most influential CBD brands in the world. With a proven track record of growing and extracting premium-quality hemp, Elixinol USA also conducts rigorous laboratory testing and quality control.

Elixinol USA distributes hemp-derived CBD products in 40 countries globally including North and South America, throughout Europe, Asia, and the Pacific Region under its own label as well as bulk CBD and wholesale CBD. Elixinol USA has won a number of industry awards, including:

  • 2017 - Best tasting CBD Tincture, Edibles List Magazine
  • 2017 - First company to receive the seal of approval for its high-cannabidiol (CBD) products from Realm of Caring
  • 2017 - Highest quality rating, CBD Oil Review
  • 2016 - Innovation Award, World Hemp Congress

National Credit Union Administration .gov site
The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) said in its interim guidance that providing banking services to hemp businesses is allowable since the crop and its derivatives were federally legalized under the 2018 Farm Bill. The notice also emphasized the economic potential of hemp and the role credit unions can play as the industry continues to develop.

Troy Wisconsin
Michael Fields Agricultural Institute logo

Industrial Hemp Production Field Day

Friday, September 6th, 2019, 8:30 am – 1:00 pm, $20

This event will focus on growth comparisons of 10 -15 different high CBD oil Hemp cultivar lines with comparative CBD/THC tested levels, grain hemp production and a visit to an 8+ acre direct seeded high CBD oil hemp field.

The tour starts at Michael Fields Agricultural Institute looking at the high CBD oil organic hemp plot, then we will visit Turtle Creek Gardens in Delavan and their high CBD oil hemp and grain hemp plots, and then onto Shawn Klugs Operation.

Yakima Washington 
Saturday & Sunday, October 12 & 13, 2019
(509) 248-7160

State Fair Park

1301 S. Fair Avenue

Yakima, WA  98901

Phone: 509.248.7160  

“KALY is executing on a number of business lines from straight commercial CBD extraction from client hemp crops to the infusion of CBD into various consumer food products,” explained Company CEO, Frederick Ferri. “We are executing on these simple CBD extraction business strategies to sustain our primary biopharmaceutical development objectives.  Next week, on Tuesday, when I provide shareholders with the latest updates on our cannabis extract biopharmaceutical developments, it is my intention to remind the market that we are first and foremost a cannabis extraction biopharmaceutical development company with solutions on par with, if not superior to, those of GW Pharmaceuticals.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Doctors involved in research with our extracts have given me feedback that our extracts are superior to those of GW Pharmaceuticals.”  
  • KALY Develops COPD Treatment CBD Formulation from Its Patented Extraction Process
  • KALY Files New Patent Application on Its CBD Formulation for the Treatment of COPD
  • KALY Files Trademark Registration on RespRx Brand Name for COPD Treatment
  • Market for COPD Treatment Anticipated to Reach $14 Billion
  • KALY to File Up-To-Date Corporate Financials on Thursday This Week
  • KALY to Publish RespRx Website with Patent and Trademark Details on Friday

Argus Press
cbdMD, Inc. Achieves Further Recognition With Addition To The Cannabis ETF (NYSE: THCX)
cbdMD, Inc., a nationally recognized, hemp derived, consumer cannabidiol (CBD) brand (NYSE American: YCBD), announced today that it has been added to The Cannabis ETF (NYSE: THCX) (“THCX”), which trades on the New York Stock Exchange. THCX seeks to track the Innovation Labs Cannabis Index, which is a portfolio of 36 stocks expected to benefit from growth of the legal marijuana, CBD and hemp industries.

the cbd store

the cbd store

The CBD Store
The CBD Store selling CBD Online Since Dec 20 of 2013

📰🌿CBD Daily News August 19 2019

posted Aug 19, 2019, 6:24 AM by Scott Salisbury   [ updated Aug 19, 2019, 8:07 AM ]

Delray Beach, FL
Exactus Logo.pngImage result for pga senior tour
About Exactus: 
Exactus Inc. is dedicated to introducing hemp-derived cannabidiol into mainstream consumer markets.  The Company has made investments in farming and has over 200 acres of growing CBD in Southwest Oregon.  The Company is introducing a range of consumer brands, such as Green Goddess, Phenologie, Paradise and Exactus.  Hemp is a legal type of cannabis plant containing less than 0.3% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is the psychoactive component of the cannabis plant. After 40 years of prohibition, the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018, known as the 2018 Farm Bill, legalized hemp at the federal level. Hemp production will be regulated by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the states. As a result, in 2019 hemp was generally removed from the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) and enforcement by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

CBD drinks are a no-no. Annapolis shops sell them anyway

Lincoln Journal Star
With LB657, which became effective May 30, hemp grown in Nebraska would be required to be submitted for testing to determine whether crops contain less than 0.3% THC, the psychoactive drug in marijuana. But hemp and marijuana are both from the cannabis family, and look and smell the same.


what is dixie botanicals?
DENVERAug. 19, 2019 /CNW/ - Dixie Brands Inc. ("Dixie" or "the Company") (CSE: DIXI.U), (OTCQX: DXBRF), (Frankfurt: 0QV), one of the cannabis industry's leading consumer packaged goods ("CPG") companies, today announced that its Aceso Hemp subsidiary has signed a distribution agreement with Power Distribution LLC ("Power"). Beginning this week, Power is representing the Aceso Hemp line of cannabidiol (CBD)-infused powder sachets, tincture sprays and dissolvable tablets to retailers in California, expanding into Nevada beginning in September.
Aceso Hemp

For current CBD users, challenges with anxiety (63%) and depression (44%) rank highest among mental and emotional health drivers for adopting CBD, while chronic pain in joints (39%) and muscles (33%), together with sleeplessness (30%), were reported as the most common physical conditions motivating usage of CBD. The compound is present in both hemp and marijuana plants and has been proven to alleviate symptoms associated with seizure disorders and is known to address issues associated with anxiety, chronic pain, depression, sleeplessness, and other health conditions. Following recent federal legislation, CBD derived from hemp - and thus lacking the psychoactive compound THC in marijuana - has become more broadly available.

the leaf life
The Grocer
Bravura Foods unveils The Leaf Life CBD soft drink brand

Following more recent developments with CBD based products, Bravura Foods has developed The Leaf Life. Featuring three terrifically tasty drinks, people in the U.K. and beyond can now experience the benefits of CBD in a convenient can. The Leaf Life is available throughout the U.K. at all good health food shops.

Ethical vegan food distributor Bravura Foods have been at the forefront of the increasing popular vegan food market for almost a decade. Multiple award winners in the plant-based arena, Bravura have become one of the major players in the vegan food market by developing their own successful brands such as Peanut Hottie and Free From Fellows. Bravura has also helped other independent brands such as Panda LiquoriceFreedom Mallows and Captain Kombucha break the UK food market.


the cbd store

The CBD Store
The CBD Store selling CBD Online Since Dec 20 of 2013


📰🌿CBD Daily News August 18 2019

posted Aug 18, 2019, 5:30 AM by Scott Salisbury   [ updated Aug 18, 2019, 5:36 AM ]

Top 5 Past 7 days week ending August 17, 2019

Top 5 Brands sold Past 7 days 

the cbd store plus cbd

The CBD Store Endoca


The CBD Store HempmedsPX

cw Botanicals The CBD Store

the cbd store

The CBD Store
The CBD Store selling CBD Online Since Dec 20 of 2013

📰🌿CBD Daily News August 17 2019

posted Aug 17, 2019, 4:22 AM by Scott Salisbury   [ updated Aug 17, 2019, 6:01 AM ]

Coming soon to the CBD Store peak city front cover

North Carolina 
Greater Wilmington Business Journal
Becker’s store, at 8211 Market St. in Porters Neck Center, offers a variety of CBD products as well as eco-friendly, organic clothing. It joins a number of other hemp and CBD stores in the Wilmington area, including The Hemp Farmacy, Your CBD Store and Tree BD Products. Larger retailers, such as Earth Fare and Whole Foods, also carry some CBD items.

The Daily News of Newburyport

SF Gate

UPI News
The FDA has approved CBD as an ingredient in four drugs that have gone through the agency's review process. Three are appetite-enhancing and anti-nausea medications for patients with cancer or HIV: Marinol, Syndros and Cesamet. The other drug is Epidiolex, an anti-seizure drug.

Tempo, which launched in 2017, is making 2.5-ounce shots that have 25 milligrams of hemp-derived CBD, and are designed to enhance productivity and relieve stress, the startup says. The shots come in two versions. The first one, called “Focus,” is flavored with green tea, ginger and ashwagandha, and contains caffeine. The second version, called “Rejuvenate,” is flavored with rooibos, blueberry and turmeric, and doesn’t contain any caffeine.

The list of partners includes a variety of chain stores such as 7-Eleven, Shell, Sunoco, Exxon, BP Gas, Puff City and many other community favorites. Locals may recognize deli shops such as Murray Hill, Hartford Deli, Robins Deli, Mr. Deli & Grill, Charlie`s Deli and Jimmy’s Deli.

When it comes to consumer health, Infinite CBD works to ensure versatility and reliability throughout the product line. As Nano CBD Shots begin to hit shelves in the New York and New Jersey areas, customers can expect to see three variations of Nano Shots; Detox, Energy and Rest. Each shot caters to supporting CBD nutrients exactly when they are needed. 

the cbd store

The CBD Store

📰🌿CBD Daily News August 16 2019

posted Aug 16, 2019, 5:07 AM by Scott Salisbury   [ updated Aug 16, 2019, 6:05 AM ]

LinkedIn Group Post 
The CBD Store
Jay Difiori
Status is online

Jay Difiori
• 1st

President & CEO at Difiori, LLC

CBD Health and Wellness  (2,000 + members) 

We seeking to network with US-based CBD store owners and distributors interested lab-tested organic couverture Swiss chocolates infused with premium American CBD... The holiday season is right around the corner and chocolate is the #1 seller. All of our products are made from the highest quality certified non-GMO, Fair-Trade & organic ingredients. If you're looking for high-quality professionally manufactured and packaged products that will move quickly, please send me a message to discuss.
No alternative text description for this image

Coming Soon to The CBD Store 
active botanical



Atlanta Airport 

Minute Suites

In 2008, Minute Suites, LLC was founded as a healthier way for people to travel. Minute Suites is the first company in North America to provide private suites inside security at airports where travelers can nap, relax or work.

The UK
Boots Logo

plus cbd
Piper Jaffray initiates CV Sciences with an overweight rating and a price target that reflects an upside of more than 60%. CV Sciences CEO Joe Dowling joins Yahoo Finance's Zack Guzman and Sibile Marcellus, along with Carleton English, New York Post Hedge Fund Reporter, to discuss.

hemp meds the cbd store https://buycbd.co/shop/shop-by-brand/dixie-botanicals/defined

the cbd store

The CBD Store
The CBD Store selling CBD Online Since Dec 20 of 2013

📰🌿CBD News August 15 2019

posted Aug 15, 2019, 5:36 AM by Scott Salisbury   [ updated Aug 15, 2019, 6:30 AM ]


Hemp and Hops Event Comes to Yakima in October 2019
Saturday & Sunday, October 12 & 13, 2019 Yakima State Fair Park Modern Living Building & Pioneer Hall 
Vendors Speakers Work Shops Tours Samples Equipment Demonstrations Area Networking Area Beer Garden Food Bands

CBD Store Elixinol
To  CREATE | BUILD | DREAM, Elixinol’s full-spectrum (not an isolate) CBD is micro-encapsulated into a specialized, quick-dissolving powder. Like our liposome technology, CREATE | BUILD | DREAM CBD is highly bioavailable and easy to use, ensuring you get a boost of hemp CBD goodness anytime, anywhere. First, our CBD is bound to a natural carbohydrate blend. Then, it’s broken into smaller particles–which means CBD gets into your body more rapidly than other methods of consumption.

CBD Health and Wellness Group

Green Globe Hemp "The CBD Store" 

Otto #9 COA link
Green House Grown
Shipped direct from the farm
Quantity over 25lb call Scott Salisbury 253 221 9051 or Jay Lee (boots on the ground) 720 260 0457

Farmers should join the enthusiasm about industrial hemp’s huge potential, ranging from medicinal uses to bioplastics, chemicals, fuels, paper and bioremediation – but proceed with caution.

🚨🚨🚨🚨Welcome to the Navy Drug Detection and Deterrence (DDD) (OPNAV N170D)
Sailors and Marines cannot rely on the packaging and labeling of hemp products in determining whether the product contains THC concentrations that could cause a positive urinalysis result.


Tumbleweed Mobile Dryer – Black Hemp Box Logo
PORTSMOUTH, N.H., Aug. 14, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- FlexEnergy Inc. Channel Partner MBS Engineering (in San Ramon, CA) has designed a mobile natural gas-powered hemp drying unit, utilizing the Flex Energy GT333S model gas turbine generator. MBS, using Flex turbines, will be the exclusive manufacturer of commercial mobile hemp drying units, to be used and sold by a large-scale Oregon-based commercial hemp grower, TumbleWeed. The unit, which is enclosed in a semi-trailer, is called the 'Black Hemp Box', and is capable of drying 75,000 lbs. of wet hemp per hour (altering it from 70% water to 5% water as it is prepared to be pressed for distillation and accretion of CBD oils).
  • Capable of accepting up to 75,000 lbs of wet material per hour. (harvest header available)
  • Tumbleweed system fits inside a standard 40 foot container (trailer included) and can be shipped anywhere in the world.
  • Unit can be equipped for plugging into local power source or can be ran fully mobile off a variety of power sources.
  • Food grade system
  • Scientific based approach to dehydration in respect to THC and CBD as to not degrade material.
  • Cooling Segment in downspout used to fill super sacks (biomass is ambient temperature before put in to sacks)
  • Wash cycle to sterilize against any mold
  • Welder/Generator and system tool box included.
  • Bulk Back Rack Trailers Included (2)

ABA Journal

Changing marijuana laws may be destroying probable cause that police officers use to justify some kinds of searches. The latest evidence is an Aug. 12 decision by Maryland’s top court that found that officers did not have probable cause to arrest and search a man after smelling burning marijuana and discovering a joint in his car. The Legal Profession Blogand Courthouse News Service noted the decision.

CBD storethe cbd store

The CBD Store
The CBD Store selling CBD Online Since Dec 20 of 2013

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