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📰🌿CBD Daily News Jan 4 2020

posted Jan 4, 2020, 3:27 AM by Scott Salisbury   [ updated Jan 4, 2020, 5:09 AM ]

Green Globe hemp owned by www.buycbd.co

The CBD Store
Sister Site to The CBD Store: Hemp Auctions and 1lb samples. 1lb purchase per customer  $165.00 Sold by Scott Salisbury "The CBD Store". 
2019 grown Hemp Flower. Shipped direct from the farm. What do you get for $165.00? Farmer's name, phone number, contact. 
Why so cheap? These Hemp farmers are looking for supply chain B to B. How does one move into relationships of B to B supply chains? 
By offering Samples. Again behind the purchase of each 1lb sample is Scott Salisbury owner of the CBD Store and the farmer's name, email, 
phone number. Scott Salisbury 253 221 9051 Scott.salisbury@cbdstore.co 

the cbd store
Auctions of the same hemp flower. Are these auctions binding? No. You are bidding to continue the conversation. You will talk directly to the Hemp farmer. 

😍😍 For those of you who call me and I converse with you and you in turn, say I truly appreciate it, I created the ability for you to TRULY appreciate it! 

I truly appreciate it pay to Green Globe Inc Scott Salisbury owner, conversed with you and you in turn, received information that you truly appreciated, okay! 

The CBD Store Services link... https://the-cbd-store.square.site/s/shop 

the cbd store the cbd store the cbd store the cbd store  The CBD Store since December 20, 2013                    🏡home

What does this list of brands mean? It means We have the names, phone numbers, email addresses of the decision-makers behind these brands. What does that mean? They trust Green Globe Inc HQ Seattle WA to represent their brand. To buy from The CBD Store is to afford you choice in brand selection. 

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The CBD Store

The CBD Store selling CBD Online Since Dec 20 of 2013

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