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posted May 10, 2018, 6:20 AM by Scott Salisbury

Daily update  May 10, 2018
On My Mind: Cannabidiol (CBD) before weed
With all of the talk about medical marijuana and legalization, far less attention has been paid to its relatively safe, available, and therapeutic ingredient, cannabidiol (CBD). While marijuana can help sleep, anxiety, and pain, most of these benefits may come from CBD. For children and teens, people with ...
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Cannabidiol-infused coffee making Bend impact
BEND, Ore. - You may have heard of cannabidiol, or CBD. It's an extract mainly taken from hemp, and it comes in many forms. Now, Bend residents can have it in your coffee. Leasa Wallace runs a coffee stand on the south side of Bend called Goldie's Espresso. She recently got a big boost in sales, ...
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Pay Attention To The Law And The Science Of Cannabidiol
Law360 (May 9, 2018, 1:26 PM EDT) -- Legalization of marijuana has been a popular idea in recent years, with 30 states and the District of Columbia ...
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Staying Focused On The Law And Science Of Cannabidiol
Law360 (May 9, 2018, 1:26 PM EDT) -- Legalization of marijuana has been a popular idea in recent years, with 30 states and the District of Columbia having laws that legalize marijuana in some form. However, under federal law, marijuana is a Schedule I drug and remains illegal for all purposes.
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MGC Pharmaceuticals launches latest cannabidiol skincare product
Medicinal cannabis and its expansive set of applications continue to encroach upon commercial markets with MGC Pharmaceuticals (ASX: MXC) launching yet another cannabidiol-based product into world markets — the second of three products it intends to market globally via various online channels.
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MGC Pharma launches new cannabidiol skincare product
The new cream is the second skincare product launched this year by MGC that contains cannabidiol compounds extracted from cannabis produced by MGC's botanic division. MGC Derma expects to launch its third product later this year called CBD Herbal Balm, for oily and acne prone skin. The Herbal ...
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Why Marijuana Stock GW Pharmaceuticals Gained 18% in April
The active component in Epidiolex is cannabidiol, one of the dozens of cannabinoids found in marijuana. Cannabidiol has little in the way of psychoactive effects while offering potentially worthwhile medicinal characteristics. The FDA has previously approved synthetically produced variants of ...
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Endexx Completes Go Green Global Enterprises Acquisition, Establishing Hub in Jamaica to ...
The Company's CBD Unlimited line of cannabidiol (CBD) Cannsummable Portfolio products includes its formulated topical CBD balm and mist, travel sleep aid, teas, oils, capsules, soft chews for dogs and cats, and other products that provide key benefits to users. Endexx can now legally export its CBD ...
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