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📰🌿CBD Daily News August 10 2019

posted Sep 10, 2019, 8:50 AM by Scott Salisbury   [ updated Sep 10, 2019, 9:34 AM ]

Scott Salisbury op-ed 

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Happy Tea and Kylie Jenner. Several of you have commented on this as in what does Kylie know about CBD. It is really none of my business why a person trying CBD likes it. What each of us knows who use CBD is it works for us, that is why we keep buying it and possibly recommending it or endorsing it. Recommendations matter. They turn up as 5 stars under a product. Folks who are newbies may come in and decide to buy thinking okay this person endorsed it. As the owner of the CBD Store and that is me myself and I, I am in continual change hats mode. Marketing is one of my responsibilities. Resarch yet another. Web guru another. inventory control another. Let me put on my research hat...The brand Fit Tea and its owner are behind Happy Tea. 

Fit tea is a 75 million dollar plus per year enterprise. The CBD in Happy tea is coming from a publicly-traded company which means the CBD from seed to product is identified monitored and tested to the highest standards. The company is Chemesis. Marketing hat... Kylie Jenner with 60 million Instagram followers that spills over to our website, of course, no fricken brainer to carry this product. Marketing hat continued... If I put happy Tea logo at the top of the page, other marketing folks from CBD brands may see it and think hmmm We have to get on that guy's website. Well, We bill companies to be on our website. So you see folks the question is not what Kylie knows it is what I know! Scott Salisbury

Scott Salisbury op-ed 
Hemp Inc Academy in Ashland Oregon August 8. 2019
I sat next to 3 farmers. I asked the same questions to all 3 farmers. Have you sold your hemp yet? no. Do you have drying services set up yet? no. Are you selling flower plus biomass or are you just selling Biomass? dunh know! there you have it. 

Pioneer Pete stated around $18,000 an acre one can expect for profit. In 2018 that number was as high as $100,000 an acre. Who is Pioneer Pete? 30 years in the business or thereabouts.  He confused us all with the law of the land which carries over to the laws of the state which carries over to the laws of the county which carries over to the laws of the city. Blame it on the constitution and he bill of rights. As in we don't have one rule of law, we have rule of law as in... Federal, county, city. Idaho... don't ship product through Idaho! North Carolina... don't contract to sell hemp flower there. WA... don't contract to put CBD In food.  Farmers, there are not enough resources here for you. 

Name Cant recall. Farmers, there is not enough infrastructure built out for all of your hemp. You will need to take it to Colorado. Just don't go through Idaho. Scott's Take. Actually you can take it to Yakima WA. I have those connections. Yakima's hops dryers are geared up. One will dry and extract into Crude. 

Name Can't recall. Tolerance for testing we want to get to 5%. Drugs are at 10%. Generic drugs are at 30% The audience gasped at this number. Seriously Generica drugs are at 30%... YAP! 

Matt Cyris once again shows up with his family thanks to me. Hey, Matt you going to be at hemp inc academy? https://www.linkedin.com/in/matt-cyrus-92847715/

David Kaplin Happy anniversary. David owns a 1,000-acre farm in Southern Oregon. And grows some hemp too. David stays in the background.  One could write a book and make a movie with is history and it would be a great movie. 

Brokers are a good thing.  Hops dryers in Yakima WA are a good thing. Don't use futures in your verbiage rather forward purchases. 

Idaho News
The seized hemp hadn't molded during the six weeks he says it was held by police.

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