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posted Dec 19, 2018, 5:17 AM by Scott Salisbury   [ updated Dec 19, 2018, 8:29 AM ]
Maryam Henein
During this time, HoneyColony was shut down by several mainstream merchant processors and consequently lost nearly a quarter of a million dollars. “I, meanwhile, was banned for life by PayPal, censored from YouTube, and conned by criminals. All because of CBD from hemp.”


Recently, the Ohio Board of Pharmacy decided all marijuana products, including CBD oil, can only be sold from a licensed Medical Marijuana Control Dispensary.


where does cbd come from

The CO2 Method of Extraction 

The CO2 method is known for the purest form of CBD extraction among all other methods. This is also the safest method as it removes all chlorophyll from the extract when CO2 is pushed through the plant at high pressure and low temperature. Although the CO2 method of extracting CBD can be expensive as the whole process costs high.

The Oil Method of Extraction

Common carrier oils are used for extracting CBD like olive oil. This method does not leave any unwanted residue in the product and makes CBD nutritional by adding the nutrients of oil to it. This is considered safe and CBD extracted through it can be used as a reliable product.

The Ethanol Method of Extraction

This method does not gain popularity as it is the least desirable of all other methods. The method uses high grain alcohol to extract CBD although most of the nutrients in CBD are destroyed when being processed with ethanol.

  • Elixinol is the least known of the Big Three pure-play, public CBD companies.
  • U.S. federal government just legalized hemp—first time in 80 years.
  • Q3 revenue up 159% Y/Y and 27% over prior quarter. Profitable.
  • Elixinol offers significant value compared to cannabis peers.


North Carolina
Michelle Edmunson runs a hemp shop in Winterville. She sees customers like Saburn and Assafi all the time. She said, “The majority of our customers that come in here are over 50.”

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