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📰🌿CBD Daily News May 7 2019

posted May 7, 2019, 4:38 AM by Scott Salisbury   [ updated May 7, 2019, 8:07 AM ]

🚨🚨🚨🚨In Duncanville, a suburb of Dallas, the authorities broke down the door of Ms. Wazwaz’s store, seized CBD products and thousands of dollars in cash, and confiscated employees’ personal cellphones.

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Conditions: In order for food to contain IH, the manufacturer must be able to demonstrate the following: • All parts of the hemp plant utilized in food must come from a state that has an established and approved industrial hemp program or a country that inspects or regulates hemp under a food safety program or equivalent criteria to ensure safety for human consumption. • The IH producer/grower must be in good standing and compliance with the governing laws within the state or country of origin. • The IH must conform to the standard of identity1 established in C.R.S., §35-61-101(7) of no more than three-tenths of one percent delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). • The use of other parts of the IH plant other than seed and its derivatives: seed meal, flour, and oil, shall have lab test results indicating the levels of THC within the derivatives are not above the allowable limit of three-tenths of one percent THC. • The product must be labeled in conformance with state and federal labeling laws, including: o clearly identify hemp as an ingredient; o clearly identify CBD and the amount of CBD if added as an isolate; o include the statement “FDA has not evaluated this product for safety or efficacy” and; o not contain any health or benefit claims. • The producer must be able to document that the finished product does not contain more than three-tenths of one percent THC.

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Senate Bills 176, 177 and 178 all passed through the Legislature without any amendments. The bills are set to exempt hemp processing equipment from taxation, generally, revise the laws around hemp in Montana, and give authority to the Montana Department of Agriculture to set up a hemp certification program. SB 177 received Bullock's signature on April 26 and the other two were signed April 29. 

Montana leads the nation in pulse crop production and similarly was No. 1 in acres of hemp planted in 2018, according to the state Department of Agriculture. Jacobson sees the bill as "a meager incentive compared to what some states are offering" to attract more processing muscle to Montana. The term "pulse crops" generally refers to those plant species harvested primarily for dry seed that is used as both human food and animal feed. ... Pulse crops are considered as environmentally friendly due to their ability to form symbiotic associations with nitrogen-fixing Rhizobium bacteria in their taproot systems.

Canada/Poland/US of A 
Yahoo Finance
Stillcanna Acquires Polish Hemp Producer and Receives the Proceeds of Its $24,365,000 Financing
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Yahoo Finance
Stillcanna Acquires Polish Hemp Producer and Receives the Proceeds of Its $24,365,000 Financing
1,500 hectares = 3,706 acres to be grown in Poland 
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the cbd store

Oil which includes the cannabinoids not frozen. 
filter out the ethanol and cannabinoids that remain liquid and do not freeze. AKA winterized. 
The Questions comes up all the time... is it winterized? meaning is it not crude anymore?