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📰🌿CBD Daily News September 4 2019

posted Sep 4, 2019, 5:17 AM by Scott Salisbury

As of August 4 2019 The CBD Store is selling Happy Tea 

  • South Dakota

Without additional equipment costing hundreds of thousands of dollars, many crime labs can only detect the presence of THC — not the level of it — for crime analysis purposes. THC is tetrahydrocannabinol, and it causes most of marijuana’s psychoactive effects. A full crime analysis from an outside lab can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars per test, a price tag too steep for local law enforcement agencies that oftentimes have to wait weeks before receiving test results.


The lab at UNMC can turn around results in about 24 hours. If they are not expediting a report, results can take four days. "The test will identify the amount of THC, and it will be very clear that it is marijuana and not hemp," Hinrichs said of the results.

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In April, Zoetic signed its first commercial sale and distribution agreement with Schrader Oil and Ox Distributing to sell its first retail consumer products in 18 convenience and gas station stores in the State of Colorado. The first line of products sold in the stores will include pre-rolled CBD smokables, ready-roll papers and CBD chew pouches.

Future growth opportunities:

  • Expanding outdoor growing operations to 100 acres by 2020
  • Further develop Zoetic plant genetics
  • Broadening the product spectrum with various CBD consumable products and lotions
  • Establishing online retail sales platform
  • International expansion starting with the United Kingdom and Europe

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