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posted Apr 5, 2018, 5:35 AM by Scott Salisbury

Daily update  April 5, 2018
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Legislative Update
Iowans have had many questions about the new medical cannabidiol program, so I have included a few answers to some common questions below. ... a primary caregiver for someone with any of the debilitating medical conditions can also apply to have a card to possess the medical cannabidiol for the ...
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I Spent Lunch Drinking Cannabis-Infused Coffee, Here's What I Learned
Bushwick coffee shop Caffeine Underground made waves a few weeks ago when it came to light that they were serving CBD-infused coffee drinks. Now, it looks like others are getting on board with cannabidiol: Greenpoint's Antidote Apothecary and Tea Bar has started selling CBD-infused coffee beans, ...
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CBD Is Everywhere (Except Your Local Supermarket)
Barnett, a California-based nurse, is the founder of Sana Sana Wellness, which has sold cannabidiol (CBD), a molecule culled from cannabis, in a variety of health and wellness products since 2014. In the four years since Barnett jumped into the market, CBD has risen from a niche treatment to a buzzy ...
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Brian Bosma: Legislature will complete its job
In addition, we legalized the use of cannabidiol or CBD oil for all Hoosiers to use as a natural herbal remedy so long as it contains less than 0.3 percent THC and meets certain labeling and testing requirements. Cannabidiol has given relief to those suffering from a range of ailments including epileptic ...
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High times for CBD: The next big thing in weed could become a billion-dollar market…
Whether the government likes it or not. Cannabidiol (CBD) is the part of the weed plant that gives you the health benefits, without having the “stop looking at me swan” effect on your mind (unique to THC). You know what we're talking about you friggin' potheads — now, according to the Hemp Business ...
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H.Hemp Co.'s anti-anxiety spray packs a punch in tiny bottle
CBD, or cannabidiol, is a substance found to afford pain and anxiety relief. It's found in the cannabis plant, but also in hemp. Unlike cannabis, which also contains THC, or tetrahydracannabinol, the substance that leads to euphoria, hemp contains no THC, and cannot deliver a psychoactive “high.”.
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CBD blending in at juice and smoothie bars
A dash of bee pollen, a sprinkle of spirulina, a scoop of pea protein and a couple drops of CBD — Cannabidiol-rich hemp extracts are blending in nicely at juice and smoothie bars across the country. Colorado's CW Hemp just inked a deal to sell their high-CBD whole plant hemp extracts at California ...
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Is it pot or not? Cannabis-related items sold in Elko stores
According to “High Times,” cannabis plants produce more than 400 different compounds and the cannabidiol compound has been singled out as having significant therapeutic effects. The strain Cannabis sativa, or hemp, is an industrially grown plant that has been cultivated to produce longer stalks and ...
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One Gro puts kibosh on Creswell CBD dispensary
One Gro Investment Group has officially disbanded their plans to open a cannabidiol(CBD) dispensary this year at their Creswell building at 285 E. Oregon Ave. CBD is a hot trend right now, and after One Gro lost the November 2017 election by nearly 85 percent, with intentions to lift the ban of ...
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