CBD from Hemp

CBD from Hemp... Why? 

We believe in “healthy not high” products

Marijuana and hemp come from the same plant family, cannabis, but they are different plants harvested for different reasons.  Hemp plants are found in a variety of products, and it’s been that way for centuries.  You’ll find it in the production of clothing, rope, biofuels, foods, body care products and other purposes.  In fact, Forbes states that over 25,000 products are made from hemp.  Industrial is specifically developed to produce less than .03% THC.

Both hemp and marijuana can benefit the endocannabinoid system, but hemp CBD oil ensures it does so without a high.

Questions relating to the legality of products is rooted in THC and the “high” effect.  By choosing to produce hemp CBD, it allows us also to offer opportunities for people to support a healthy lifestyle with a variety of potential benefits without the intoxication.

There is so much to gain from hemp CBD

Obviously, marijuana CBD isn’t going to be legal in as many places, and in others still it’s legal with a medical referral, but we’ve found plenty of potential benefits to be gained from hemp CBD.  In order to effectively provide people with opportunities to access any potential benefits, we pull hemp compounds from the whole plant.

It’s necessary to gain as many hemp compounds and chemicals because they all have to work together—known as the “entourage effect”.  But using the “full-spectrum” of the plant, we’re not extracting a singular magic cannabinoid or miracle cure chemical from the plant.  Plus, separating or isolating certain cannabinoids would be like giving you a car without the engine or electricity. Sure, you can sit in it, but you can’t go anywhere or listen to the radio.

Our CBD consumers aren’t looking to get high

This is a very simple, but an important thing to remember.  If you wonder or worry about “high” effects, just remember that people aren’t seeking out hemp CBD to get buzzed.  Instead, they’ve heard stories about CBD providing everyday people with a variety of life-changing and body-balancing benefits, and they want to see what it can do for them.