CBD in Apricot Oil

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       Dose of NatureDescription 1oz with 250mg of CBD oil $78.95

KannaTek RedStrap™ CBD (Cannabidiol Hemp Oil) in Virgin Organic Apricot Oil, 250mg CBD, 1oz (30-day supply) Our CBD hemp Oil (Cannabidiol) is meticulously extracted, filtered, and dewaxed, leaving an extremely concentrated, 70% plus CBD-rich oil that contains the full suite of active cannabinoids, terpenes, and other bioactive ingredients. The oil is then gently blended with cold-pressed oil extracted from certified organic apricot kernels, which is naturally rich in vitamin A and E. The final product is a deliciously-beautiful golden colored oil with a slightly nutty flavor. The oil can be consumed orally by placing the drops under your tongue, or you may freely mix this oil with a salad or smoothie of your choice. Peak absorption time will be approximately 1 ½ to 2 hours after ingestion. Therefore to accelerate and maximize the uptake of CBD, consider adding the Nano CBD Chaser™. Each bottle contains 250 mg of CBD of the KannaTek RedStrap™ (Cannabidiol) Hemp Oil.​​

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