CBD Store 2 domains

The CBD Store has several domains (websites) why? And a NEW Logo? why? 

When www.cbdstore.co was registered Dec 20th 2013, it was registered to sell CBD products. Payment System Companies allowing us to process your purchases, kept shutting us down, again and again. 

With payment system after payment system deciding they did not like our business model, we had to make some drastic changes or go out of business. We signed up with WP-Engine and taught our selves how to use WordPress stuff as well as learning everything needed to set up a store using WordPress. All I can say is #$%#! It was a tough, however we got through to the other side. 

www.cbdstore.co is built using Google Sites. Easy to create website presence, and a great way to tie into all things google, as in "google it". Point being, payment systems by way of google sites are easy to set up, however we were down to our last payment system company with google sites, and needed to make The change. 

So a decision had to be made, do we redirect the domain name www.cbdstore.co to the WordPress site? or should we register a new domain? We decided to register a new domain. 

We did our research and found if we did a domain redirect on www.CBDStore.co to a hosted WordPress site we would loose our google rankings. NOPE, can't loose Google rankings. NOPE, NOPE, NOPE. 

In finishing... 

www.CBDStore.co has GREAT Internet presence and affords you to click on in! 

www.BuyCBDStore.co is our shopping cart and affords you to click to buy. 

You now have the reason for 2 domains. 
The CBD Store Ownership. 

2013 registration of www.CBDStore.co https://www.whois.com/whois/cbdstore.co
2014 registration of www.BuyCBD.co https://www.whois.com/whois/buycbd.co