CBD Store Financing/Banking

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Banking Services

How do we know banking services? 8 payment services did not like our business model. 
We kept moving forward with banking services from other entities.  
Did we want to become knowledgeable in banking and payment services? NO! 
However 3 + years and 8 various banking relationships later, we have relationships with 
companies in the United States that afford us online credit card transactions in the world of Cannabis Sales. 
    The CBD Store receives approximately 30,000 page views per month 
Our newest partner bought their own bank.

Internet Banking Services

debit card services
credit card services
Bill Pay

Merchant Services

Electronic wallet card services to charge your account for purchases at many locations nation wide for many products in the network.


FinCEN Registered Banking Solutions

Compliancy and transparency is our core focus for regulated industries.  

Financial institutions we work with are registered with FinCEN and follow all 

reporting requirements to shorten audits and keep accounts open.


Armored Truck Cash Pickup and BSA/AML Compliance

Armored Truck pickup to the Federal Reserve with proper paperwork filed as required by FinCEN.  

Bank Secrecy and Anti Money Laundering (BSA/AML) compliance programs 

keep you compliant with local, state and federal agencies. 


Industry Specific Software with 360 degree compliance

Business to business electronic payments
Business to government payments
Intra membership payments for low cost
POS system integration with CPA functionality for compliancy