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Charlotte’s Web Maker Targets Broader Market with
 CBD from Domestic Hemp
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After being catapulted into global fame, the company, then known as CW Botanicals, began to ship product commercially in 2014. The Stanley brothers are now targeting a much broader market, the health and wellness market, and have rebranded as CW Hemp. The company’s offerings include three product lines based on concentration, each offering two sizes and the option of either mint chocolate or olive oil flavor.
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CW Hemp stands out from its competitors in many ways, first and foremost in that it grows its own industrial hemp in Colorado (150K plants on 65 acres) while rivals import industrial hemp paste to make their products.  Additionally, CW Hemp uses the aerial parts of the plant while competitors by law (though not practice, perhaps) are restricted to using the stalk, the consequence of which is requiring significantly more plant material, a process that can lead to the amplification of potential contaminants. The company claims that the 2014 Farm Bill opened the door for it to ship its domestically grown product to all 50 states.
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