Entourage Technologies and Endocannabinoid Enhancers

Increasing the CBD Absorption Rate; Entourage Technologies and Endocannabinoid Enhancers

CBD distributors around the globe are all seeking the best bioavailable CBD supplements. They are just missing one key ingredient; GrowthCell’s patented oligopeptide complex.

CBD enhancement technology aims to increase the CBD oil absorption rate while increasing the efficiency of our human endocannabinoid system. To date, GrowthCell’s oligopeptide complex is the only research-backed product that elevates blood serum levels of CBD while boosting the cellular communication potential of cannabinoid receptors.

To prove this, we have created a comprehensive CBD bioavailability chart comparing the many qualities of GrowthCell’s Oligopeptide Complex to the other cutting-edge CBD uptake technologies.

CBD Uptake Technologies Chart Breakdown

As you can see, each of these technologies have compelling benefits for increasing bioavailability of CBD. At first glance, it may not be clear how each of the properties helps to enhance cannabidiol supplementation. Here we will take a moment to break down each row of the chart.

Dietary Preference: Indicates whether the product is suitable for vegan/vegetarian lifestyles. Certain products, such as liposomes, can be made out of various bases.

Base: Describes the potential sources for each product.

Synthetic vs. Natural: Differentiates products that come from natural or artificial ingredients.

Size/Weight: Details the size of a given product. This section will dictate a technologies ability to be absorbed into the cells of the digestive tract and to pass the blood-brain barrier (BBB).

BBB Passage: Highlights the products ability or inability to pass through the blood-brain barrier. BBB passage will provide a significant increase in product efficiency.

Water-Soluble: Declares if the technology can dissolve in water for easy administration/infusion. Certain technologies support CBD solubility in water and others are soluble on their own.

Growth Factors: Enumerates the presence of growth factors in each item and states the number included. Several growth factors enhance cellular communication and endocannabinoid efficiency.

Amino Acid Profile: Illuminates the amino acid content of the technology, by listing the number of amino acids that have been found within. Amino acids have various benefits for the body and have the potential to enhance endocannabinoid function.

Pinocytosis: Determines the technology’s ability to create pinocytosis. Pinocytosis is a form of cellular absorption where the cell will take in all surrounding fluids and substances in its immediate vicinity. GrowthCell’s oligopeptide complex encourages pinocytosis which increases the bioavailability of compounds ingested simultaneously.

Cationic Endocytosis: Details the ability to promote endocytosis due to cationic charge of the product. Endocytosis is cellular absorption process similar to pinocytosis. The difference being that endocytosis is a more selective process. This endocytosis increases the absorption of many components of our preparation and promotes the efficiency of the endocannabinoid system.

Significant miRNAs: Highlights the presence of biologically significant miRNAs (microRNAs). These miRNAs are molecules that play a crucial role in genetic expression. When taken orally, they create a beneficial effect on cellular communication and overall health. All material from living organisms will contain miRNAs with GrowthCell’s oligopeptide complex and Colostrum including unique spectrums of these molecules.

For the remainder of the article, we will discuss each technology individually as we highlight their strengths and weaknesses. This article will be rather lengthy. To get an idea of how GrowthCell’s oligopeptide complex holds up against the others, you simply need to read the first section. If you would like to understand how each product works and to learn about the details in the chart, you will benefit from reading the entire text.

GrowthCell’s Oligopeptide Complex

GrowthCell’s oligopeptide complex is the ideal CBD enhancement technology. It can be added to any CBD formula and has been clinically demonstrated to enhance blood serum levels of CBD. The two factors to examine when looking at cannabinoid technology is elevated blood serum levels of cannabinoids and increased endocannabinoid efficiency. GrowthCell’s oligopeptide is the only product that is mathematically proven to do both.

Our proprietary formula is extracted from eggs making it a vegetarian-based product. The patented extraction process uses all-natural ingredients and it results in a product with the small size of 5 kDa to 10 kDa kilodaltons. This size allows the product to be absorbed through cell membranes readily.

Research has demonstrated that many of the elements the oligopeptide complex contains can cross over the blood-brain barrier (BBB). Additionally, this extract increases the efficacy of substances via several other methods. The product utilizes sodium taurocholatewhich increases the bioavailability of substances ingested with this complex. One of the growth factors included in this product (FGFs) activates ERK satellite proteins which impact vascular endothelial growth factors (VEGFs). VEGFs increase the permeability of the BBB.

This dietary supplement is water-soluble. It will easily be incorporated into an aqueous preparation and produces a mild taste similar to that of protein powder. This powder creates no noticeable change to the texture of the fluid. GrowthCell’s oligopeptide complex will not make additional CBD water-soluble. There is potential to use our product along with emulsified versions of CBD so that both elements will dissolve.

The growth factors contained in our patented extraction create a vast number of benefits for the human mind and body. These growth factors’ relevance to CBD lies in their ability to enhance cellular communication. Our growth factor formula stimulates RTK receptors and ERK 1/2 intracellular protein communicators. The RTK receptors provide lipid rafts that cannabinoids need for cellular absorption. The ERK 1/2 communicators direct cannabinoids to the proper locations and orchestrate increased cannabinoid receptor activity. This will increase the potency of CBDand the endogenous compound AEA. This is a game-changer as CBD boosts circulating levels of anandamide in the body. Both of these cannabinoid compounds will enjoy swift delivery to receptor sites and more opportunity for cellular activation.

These growth factors carry many benefits, such as anti-inflammation, neuroprotection, and pain reduction that go hand in hand with the famous CBD benefits. The only other product that carries these growth factors is Colostrum. However, Colostrum has not been proven to elevate levels of circulating cannabidiol.

The amino acid profile of GrowthCell’s oligopeptide complex is quite impressive. This product contains over 18 amino acids that have significant impacts on human physiology and health. These acids have the potential to increase the uptake of CBD and provide many other unique properties.

GrowthCell’s oligopeptide complex encourages a form of cellular uptake known as pinocytosis. This property of our product results in cells pulling in fluid and active compounds from its immediate vicinity. This action results in large amounts of CBD uptake that are unmatched by any other product.

Cationic, or positively charged, peptides in the complex also promote endocytosis. Endocytosis is a more specific variation of cellularabsorption that pulls in selected nutrients from the cell’s environment. Endocytosis has value for increasing the efficiency of GrowthCell’s oligopeptide complex and enhancing cannabidiol’s effects.

Lastly, the embryonic nature of GrowthCell’s oligopeptide extraction leads to the ingestion of significant nutritional miRNAs. Dietary miRNAs are valuable for healthy genetic expression and cellular communication. As detailed above, the enhanced cellular communication will assist the activity of cannabinoid compounds, as well as increase overall health. These miRNAs can help with a large number of physical processes while enhancing the functions of our tissues, organs, and organ systems.

The bottom line is that GrowthCell’s oligopeptide increases circulating CBD levels more than any other product we have seen with testing behind it. In terms of pure potency, you will not be able to top this product. It is tolerated incredibly by humans and animals alike while boosting the health of our endocannabinoid functionality. When looking to enhance CBD, you can’t go wrong with GrowthCell’s Oligopeptide complex.


Nano-emulsified cannabidiol is one of the most talked-about cannabinoid enhancers on the market. This is because it has been shown to increase blood serum CBD. However, there are no properties of this product that display that this enhanced cannabidiol is used efficiently by the system and the therapeutic benefits have yet to be studied.

The nano-CBD preparations are almost exclusively vegan. They have a plant-based nature, provided that the oils which are emulsified have been taken from hemp oils. However, the lipids used to form the nano product can be synthetically created.

The nano-emulsification process will create an oil and water-based structure that carries CBD safely to the intestinal walls and allows it to be absorbed. Ideally, these products have a maximum 20nm (nanometer) diameter, but some manufacturers offer nano-tech that can be as large as 200nm. Passage through the blood-brain barrier is possible but has not been researched at this time. Typically, for a product to cross the BBB it must be under 1 nanometer, but compounds of several nm can cross with carrier mediated-transport. There is no evidence to suggest that carrier mediated-transport will occur for these emulsions.

This technology will not contain growth factors or significant amino acids. Pinocytosis is possible due to their size, but unlikely due to the properties that are now known. They will not encourage cationic endocytosis and will not provide significant miRNAs.

Examples of nano-technology companies are Quicksilver Scientific, Precision Nanosystems, and Folium Biosciences.


Liposomal technology is similar to the nano-tech that has appeared on the market. Both fall under the category of colloids but mostly vary in terms of size. Liposomes can be created with fats from meat, dairy, eggs, plants, or fish. This variety of bases means that some products will be vegetarian and vegan, while others will contain meat-based products. Synthetic and natural bases are both possible.

The size of liposomes has a great crossover with nano-emulsions. Liposomal sizes typically fall between the 250-500nm range, but they can cover a spectrum between 25-2,500nm. These preparations utilize an outer lipid layer for protection and cellular absorption. They also contain an aqueous center where the CBD is carried. Liposomes and nano-emulsion will make contact with the lipids of the cell wall and pass the transported nutrients into the cell. Specialized liposomal preparations may also contain centers dispersed with both oil and water.

Blood-brain barrier passage is possible with liposomal preparations but not likely, especially with larger formulations. Research has not backed up this speculation regarding their BBB passing qualities. The protection provided by liposomes is expected to increase circulating cannabidiol levels and the design delivers a water-soluble product. Not all liposomal products disperse well in water, so it is wise to research manufacturers before purchasing their solutions or entering an agreement.

The liposomal techniques will not provide growth factors or significant amino acids. The liposomes will not promote pinocytosis and are not able to provide cationic induced endocytosis. Due to the nature of the products used in liposomal formulation, there will be no dietary miRNA contribution.

Companies who utilize liposomal variants include Vesisorb and Lexaria Bioscience.

Egg-Yolk Emulsifiers

Egg-based emulsifiers make a unique twist on the liposomal formula. These products take a similar approach to the liposome process described above, except they include both egg lipids and proteins in the equation. This mixture results in a reported increase in the absorption of the carried nutrient.

These products use eggs exclusively as a base so they will be vegetarian and natural. The size of these products may vary but are typically 60nm. Blood-brain barrier passage is possible, but it will have to face the same size challenges listed above for nano-tech and liposomal properties. Research has not yet supported egg-yolk emulsions passing the BBB.

These emulsions are successfully water-soluble and have a mild taste. Eggs do carry growth factors, however, these may be lost during the formulation of the emulsifier. Additionally, these egg-yolk technologies do not come from fertilized eggs indicating that GrowthCell’s oligopeptide complex will carry a superior spectrum of growth factors. Amino acids are certainly present due to the protein infusion and more research is warranted to determine what remains in the final product and if they are statistically significant.

Egg-yolk emulsifiers will not encourage pinocytosis or cationic endocytosis. While eggs do contain miRNAs and these dietary sources can contribute to healthy human functioning, they will likely provide less than an average egg. The miRNA content of embryonic infusions and colostrum is elevated due to its use in development.

Egg-yolk emulsifiers are innovative and may have higher absorption rates than liposomes and nano-emulsions. We credit companies such as Ecovatec for spearheading this initiative.


Colostrum is an early mother’s milk that is produced by cows immediately after giving birth. This is a dairy product meaning that it is vegetarian. Colostrum will always be sourced naturally. The size of Colostrum is not as applicable as the other products as it first comes in liquid form. This milky substance can be reduced down to an active powder, but the size is not relevant in any trials that have occurred to date.

The product will not pass through the BBB as a whole, but certain ingredients may pass through the BBB. This is likely not significant to the absorption of CBD. However, it is good to keep an open mind until this is rigorously studied! Colostrum powder is water-soluble with a reported mild taste. Do note that Colostrum often needs to be emulsified to allow it to reach its desired physical targets. Luckily, Colostrum does have unique properties that make it a possible CBD enhancement product.

This unique milk product contains ten growth factors, but a different spectrum when compared to GrowthCell’s oligopeptide complex. Colostrum does feature FGF (fibroblast growth factor), one of the most significant growth factors for increased endocannabinoid enhancement. If a preparation can be made out of Colostrum that reliably makes it through the digestive tract, then this could become a valuable cannabinoid tech.

The amino acids contained by this milk are also valuable. There are at least ten known amino acids in this product that play essential roles in our physiology. These amino acids could potentially enhance the potency of CBD, however, this suggestion is not backed by peer-reviewed data.

Colostrum will not create pinocytosis or cationic endocytosis. It does, however, carry valuable developmental miRNAs that set it apart from milk. As mentioned above, these developmental miRNAs can help increase cellular communication and the overall health of the mammalian system.

Colostrum and CBD products designed for humans have not become commonplace yetalthough the concept is being explored. There are companies pioneering animal treatment with this combination. HempVet, based in Vermont, is an example of colostrum CBD products designed for dogs.

Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA)

Palmitoylethanolamide, or PEA, is an endogenous fatty acid amide that stimulates the central nervous system. PEA is a lipid messenger that interacts with the endocannabinoid system and has been dubbed a cannabinoid-like product. It binds to receptors that relate to the cannabinoid network such as PPAR receptors. Additionally, PEA can positively impact CB2 receptor activity and boost levels of AEA by inhibiting the FAAH enzyme. CBD also elevates AEA levels through the same mechanism, indicating that the effect will be compounded when taken together.

The basic idea is that adding PEA to a CBD supplement will leverage the entourage effect. The entourage effect describes the property of cannabis compounds to complement each other and to work together to benefit the system synergistically. For example, when other hemp nutrients support a compound such as CBD, cannabidiol’s therapeutic properties increase. Adding PEA is much like adding another hemp nutrient into the mix. However, the boost that it provides to AEA is significant when compared to many other cannabis phytonutrients.

PEA is synthesized using animal cells. This means that the product is not vegetarian or vegan. Palmitoylethanolamide’s weight comes out to be 299.499 g•mol−1. This size is small enough for it to pass the blood-brain barrier provided that it survives the digestive tract. Much like CBD, research shows that for PEA to survive and reach the appropriate targets in the system, it should be enhanced by other technologies. PEA is not water-soluble unless carried by a liposomal preparation.

This product will not encourage pinocytosis or cationic endocytosis. PEA will also not carry significant miRNAs. It remains to be seen whether this fatty acid amine will support elevated blood serum levels of cannabidiol, however, it is likely a convenient addition to a CBD regimen. PEA can be purchased at a pharmacy or a vitamin shop for those who are looking to enjoy this combination in their daily regimen.

Despite the need for testing on this product, the combination of PEA and CBD is a brilliant idea. Companies such as Therapix Bioscience are taking the initiative when it comes to PEA and CBD infused products.

Final Conclusions

Each of these products contains vital properties making them unique contributions to cannabinoid therapies. We propose that GrowthCell’s oligopeptide complex is unique among cannabinoid technologies due to its researched backed ability to enhance CBD levels and promote the endocannabinoid system. Blood serum levels of CBD increase, health is restored from the level of the organs down to the cells, and the endocannabinoid system is regulated via many unique properties of the extract. Whether you are an individual looking for improved health and wellnessor a CBD distributor looking for novel solutions for your clients, you can’t go wrong with GrowthCell’s products.

Feel free to reach out to us via our contact form if you have any further questions. We also provide resources for wholesale distributionwhite label opportunities, and licensed partner formulation. To understand the formulation and properties of our embryonic extraction at a deeper level, take a look at our news articlesresearch collection, and mechanism of action page.