Hemp You Can Feel

Hemp You Can Feel

Cannabis Global Inc.

Hemp You Can Feel™, which can be used as the basis for a host of beverage and food formulations provides unparalleled relaxation while allowing the consumer to avoid the negative health effects of alcohol consumption. The Company is especially proud of the expected label, which is ultra-clean, non-GMO and 100% natural. Manufacturing occurs at room temperature to ensure all the natural enzymes present in the organic portions of the ingredients are preserved.  MCTC believes Hemp You Can Feel™ creates an entirely new category of infusion technology for foods and beverages based on natural ingredients.

Hemp You Can Feel™ utilizes no chemical surfactants or stabilizers and requires no high shear processing, sonication, spray drying or other harsh extract manipulations, all of which are common legacy processing technologies. Additionally, the technology contains no artificial colors, dyes, or preservatives and most importantly, there is no detectable hemp taste. The Company is currently capable of producing Hemp You Can Feel™ at high volume in powerized form. A liquid concentrate has also been developed, which is pending final laboratory and formulation testing. 

MCTC plans to use this technology as the basis for products it plans to introduce over the coming months. Additionally, the Company plans to license the technology and "white label" produce products at its Los Angeles production facility, as appropriate.