Hemptown Chew

The CBD and CBG in Hemptown Chew are efficiently and easily absorbed, and consumers can conveniently carry and enjoy this product at any time of day. Each piece of Hemptown Chew mint-flavored gum contains 15 milligrams of CBD and 5 milligrams of CBG, and the product has tested well in consumer research and will no doubt prove to be another tasty favorite. It comes in a convenient foil pack that maximizes freshness and improves product protection and dispensing. The vibrant packaging provides a fantastic standout to capture shopper attention. Hemptown Chew will be available to U.S. and Canadian consumers starting next month.

"We are looking forward to growing and expanding in the U.S., as we believe there is a great opportunity for functional gums and their benefits – especially knowing that global consumption of hemp-infused products is growing exponentially," said Bruce Trent, VP global sales, Hemptown USA. "The feedback we have received in the Canadian markets has been extraordinary. We believe that U.S. consumers will find the same satisfaction with our products."

While CBD appears to be taking over the consumer market, Hemptown USA discovered a lack of market presence for cannabigerol (CBG), the chemical parent of THC and CBD. CBG is not only unique among cannabinoids but incredibly rare. Most CBG produced by cannabis is converted to other cannabinoids, which is why in its purity it is present in relatively low quantities. Hemptown USA is growing over 500 acres of hemp plants with an exclusive focus on these rare genetics in an effort to become a dominant North American supplier of CBG by the end of 2019.