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Tikun Olam
Tikun Olam Ltd., the first, largest and foremost supplier of medical Cannabis in Israel, and one of leading medical cannabis companies in the world. Since 2014 Tikun Olam has established relationships with Medreleaf of Canada, and then expanded its business to the US and established a subsidiary company Tikun Olam USA. In 2017 Tikun Olam announced cooperation with Medifarm of Australia, Queensland’s first medicinal cannabis growing license.

Established in 2010, IMC is an agricultural company licensed and authorized by the Ministry of Health to produce and supply medical cannabis. The company provides medical cannabis to patients with a valid permit by the Ministry of Health to use medical cannabis. IMC began to supply medical cannabis as early as 2008, with the aim of alleviating the pain and suffering of its patients. IMC produces high-quality strains, the best in the market today, and adheres to international standards of quality.

Kanabo Research is an R&D company based in Tel Aviv, Israel that innovates cutting-edge solutions for the medical cannabis industry. Kanabo focuses on building IP for inhaling medical cannabis, including vaporizer technology platforms along with applications of patented cannabis formulations that are designed to target specific Central Nervous System disorders with precision and consistency. Clinical validation activities including safety and efficacy tests are conducting in Israel for all technology and formulations under development.

Eybna is a global leader in the research and development of cannabis terpene based solutions, with the mission of bringing the benefits of cannabis to more patients, by isolating the medicinal properties found in different strains and providing cannabis medicine that is tailored to treat specific medical conditions.

Hadasit - Hadassah Technology Transfer

Hadasit is the technology transfer company of Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem. We transform the cutting-edge research coming out of Hadassah into marketable medical technologies. We turn ground-breaking ideas into viable products and services that can change the world and better humanity.

Cannabliss is a leading Israeli developer and manufacturer of unique, consistent, smoke-free medical cannabis products. Founded in 2009 and licensed by Israel’s Ministry of Health, Cannabliss provides effective relief for any patient holding a Ministry of Health permit, who seeks easy-to-use medical cannabis products.
In addition to its home delivery service, Cannabliss operates a dispensary and clinic at Hadassah Ein-Kerem Hospital, intended for patients from all over the country suffering from various symptoms. The company also collaborates in clinical research with leading hospitals throughout Israel.
Cannabliss’s oils, capsules, cookies and other products are manufactured in accordance with the highest quality standards, utilizing unique extraction techniques and formulas containing natural cannabis ingredients. Available in varying potency degrees, these highly-consistent, concentrated products provide easy and exact dose management for every individual patient.

Carmel Ltd.

Carmel – Haifa University Economic Corporation Ltd. serves as the commercialization and business arm of the University of Haifa and is responsible for protecting and commercializing its intellectual property. Carmel collaborates with various partners and establishes ventures, companies and funds with the goal of maximizing the business potential of commercializing research and knowledge developed at the University.


Our vision is to provide on-stop-shop solution for Cannabis testing and analysis, from filed to extraction down to final consumer.

Founded in Israel in 1976, Bactochem is Israel’s leading testing laboratory, providing testing and analytical services to leading industrial and institutional enterprises in various segments – food, agriculture, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and environmental care.

Bactochem pioneered the performance of Cannabis testing and analysis under licensing and today   performs it under ISO 17025 accreditation.

Our vision is to provide one-stop-shop solution for Cannabis testing to comply with both local and global regulations and therefore, perform the full range of analysis – potency tests, microbial contamination, pesticide residue, mycotoxins and heavy metals, all under ISO 17025 accreditation for Cannabis testing.

Established in 2009, Panaxia is a pharmaceutical company specializing in medical cannabis R&D and manufacturing. Our goal is to align medical cannabis with cutting edge formulation technologies and the highest available pharma standards.

Applying these technologies and GMP standards, Panaxia currently manufactures a wide variety of standardized medical cannabis products, including sub-lingual and oral tablets, metered-dose inhalers, creams, suppositories and more. Our products, manufacturing facility and production processes are subject to stringent quality assurance procedures, from the initial planning and validations, throughout the actual manufacturing and to quality control of the finished products.