PLAINFIELD, Vt. (WCAX) A well-known TV personality is producing CBD in Vermont, and transforming the small town where he's set up shop.

"I've had a great time the last 20 years doing 'Hi Anthony Sullivan here for this' and for all the TV products I have, but this is right up there," said Anthony Sullivan.

You might recognize Anthony Sullivan from infomercials for OxiClean or Turbo Scrub. Now the celebrity pitchman is working on a new project in Plainfield.


He's built a 116-acre hemp farm and named the business MontKush, an homage to Vermont, it's capital city, and the CBD product. It's an undertaking inspired by a very personal ordeal. Sullivan's eight-year-old daughter has a rare genetic disorder. "She had some seizure-like episodes, about two years ago she started to develop them," he said. Her neurologist prescribed a pharmaceutical drug. Sullivan says it helped with the seizures, but the side effects were devastating. "She lost 20 percent of her body weight. She has a very vibrant personality for all of her challenges, and she's very, very present and a very happy kid, and she literally just became vacant like she wasn't even there," he said.