Nuriv CBD

POMONA, Calif.— At one time, it was a highly misunderstood substance extracted from the cannabis plant. Today, it is touted as one of the most beneficial natural remedies throughout the health and wellness industry and their consumers. Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, interacts with neuroreceptors in the brain to produce positive effects on things such as pain, mood, memory, and sleep, but unlike THC, it doesn’t possess the psychoactive properties.

As CBD becomes more accessible to consumers, finding the most effective, high-quality formula can be arduous. For consumers looking to find relief with CBD supplementation, they should consider quality, taste, and effectiveness as CBD is not easily absorbed by the body and is often in the form of oil, which can be unsavory to the palate.

Nuriv® is changing the landscape with cutting-edge science and technology. Because CBD is not a highly absorbable substance, Nuriv utilizes a patented formulation making it more bioavailable through CBD micellization. The particle size of the compound is too large to efficiently pass through the lining of the gut, but through micellization, difficult-to-absorb compounds, such as cannabinoids, can be converted into liposomal micelles. These micelles are pre-digested and encapsulated to be in the range of 10-20 nanometers in diameter to efficiently pass through the lining of the gut and improve viability.