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The CBD Store Chemist Matt Weschler (Science-based CBD) 
Peak City CBD was founded in 2019 by an organic chemist, Matt Weschler.  After working in the electron microscopy industry for over 20 years, it was time for a new challenge.  The science of CBD, as well as real-life stories of its importance and impact in people’s lives, are what intrigued us and spurred the formation of Peak City CBD. We decided to get more involved in helping people (and pets!) in the booming, healthful CBD industry, and do it the right way – organic, traceable, and best quality.

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Topical CBD Creams
topical CBD cream      topical cbd cream
We offer two varieties of lotion:  Spring Shower, which is lighter and fresh smelling.  It’s organic, easy on the skin and good for rejuvenation, moisturizing, and the benefits of localized CBD on the body for aches and pains.  We also offer Woodland, which is a slightly thicker cream and made from >70% organic components.  It’s a bit thicker than the Spring Shower and has a more earthy fragrance to it. Woodland is also more ideal for skin that needs some heavy-duty moisturizing.  Both of the creams come in 2 oz. amber jars and are ready for action.

Pet CBD Oil
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Peak City CBD oil drops are a great source for enhancing health and vitality, not only for us humans but also for our pets and animals. We offer two flavors for pets: Natural and Bacon.  We offer it in one strength – 250mg CBD.  This is an excellent CBD strength for most applications.

Many people like to consume CBD via vape, because it has high absorption in the body.  We recommend only using safe and pure CBD vapes from Peak City CBD.

Shipping is free in the USA! Peak City CBD Vape Juice is made from Carolina hemp.  We do not use any harsh chemical in the vape juice, we use only MCT (non-allergenic coconut) oil as the carrier.
 It creates a great vape! 
No nicotine, no propylene glycol, only organic ingredients.

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