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Real Scientific Hemp Oil™

RSHO™ is the intersection of nature and science. We believe it is this that makes our supplements so trusted and respected in our growing community of thousands of people who use our products worldwide!

Real Scientific Hemp Oil™ is a supplement that results from an intersection of these two compelling forces. Since our beginnings, we’ve been leaders in the space, boldly calling attention to this plant and its carefully cultivated high CBD content. RSHO™ is simple and focused for those who need something they can trust and depend upon.

All RSHO™ products are derived from non-GMO hemp, scientifically extracted using a solvent-free CO² process, and thoroughly to bring the powerful natural ingredients of this plant into your hands for safe consumption. It’s a science - one that we take great pride in accomplishing day in and day out.

RSHO™ Syringe Based Oil. Also known as Oral Applicators

Green Label: RSHO™ in its rawest form; CBD hemp oil extracted from the plant using a solvent-free CO² extraction process. There is no heating involved, which maintains most of all the plant’s natural constituents like chlorophyll and CBDa, cannabidiolic acid.
Concentration: 15% CBD

Blue Label: RSHO™ Blue Label takes the extracted Green Label hemp oil and decarboxylates (heats) it, which results in the CBDa turning into CBD, creating a higher concentration of the compound.
Concentration: 17% CBD

Gold Label: RSHO™ Gold Label takes the Blue Label CBD hemp oil a step further. Gold Label has gone through our signature filtration process, removing most of the plant material and improving its consistency and taste.
Concentration: 24% CBD

Special Blend: Our RSHO™ Special Blend CBD Hemp Oil is a mixture of our Gold Label and Blue Label oils. This label is our highest concentrated form of CBD hemp oil!
Concentration: 35% CBD

RSHO™ is a staple for everyday wellness and it’s the result of the perfect balance found between all things natural and the precision of science. We believe everyone on this world deserves to be healthy and vibrant and you’ll find this ethos in every RSHO™ you buy!


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