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About Tikun Olam

Tikun Olam (Hebrew for "repair the world") is a leading cannabis brand and globally recognized as the pioneer of modern medical cannabis. The company's global mission is to research, develop and provide efficacious, data-based cannabis treatments to help sufferers. Operating as a commercial venture for 15 years, Tikun Olam's products have been used since 2010 in ongoing clinical trials in Israel's regulated medical cannabis market, treating over 20,000 patients for a variety of symptoms of medical conditions such as cancer, PTSD, AIDS, epilepsy, Crohn's Disease/colitis, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, chronic pain and neuropathy. Through this access to patients, medical personnel and data collection, Tikun Olam has developed multiple proprietary strains, including the first-ever, high-CBD, "high-less" strain Avidekel™. Tikun Olam's U.S. operations, established in 2015 as T.O. Global LLC, is a joint venture with Tikun Olam Ltd. (Israel). Tikun Olam also operates similar partnerships in Canada, Australia, United Kingdom  and Greece.

Tikun Hemp CBD + Turmeric Balm contains the highest quality broad-spectrum CBD oil with essential nutrients that naturally protect, nourish, and moisturize every type of skin. Turmeric (curcumin) is well known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammation properties, making this a particularly potent combination for a variety of soothing benefits.

Our CBD oil is extracted from Colorado-grown Hemp fully compliant with the local Industrial Hemp Pilot Program. The 2018 US Farm Bill legalized activity surrounding the cultivation and use of hemp. That means any hemp-based product containing less than 0.3% THC is completely legal under federal law. However, certain state definitions may currently remain in conflict with these federal laws.

Our products are tested at three key steps in the supply chain to ensure safe and quality CBD products. First, our hemp is tested after being cultivated, to ensure no harmful foreign compounds were absorbed from the soil. Next, we extract the oil from the hemp and test to ensure it is full-spectrum and has non-detectable levels of THC. Lastly, we have a third-party lab test our finished products and publish the results online, showing consumers exactly what is in our products.

Tikun Hemp products last between 12-24 months and each item is dated.

We are part of the Tikun Olam family. Tikun Olam translates to “repair the world” in Hebrew. Tikun Olam Israel was granted the world’s first governmental license to produce medical cannabis in 2005 and has been researching the plant ever since. Here at Tikun Hemp, we strive to “repair” and improve your wellness with hemp.tikun hemp the cbd store