- PURA Introduces TranquiliTeaCBD Following CBD Beverage Market Survey

- Survey Includes Analyst Confirm of PURA Spec BUY and $0.25 Target

- PURA Plans Additional Corporate Announcements Coming This Week

- CBD Extract and Flavor Profiles Already Developed

- First of Three New CBD Beverages - Coffee and Beer to Follow

DALLASSept. 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Puration, Inc. (PURA) today announced a new CBD infused beverage, TranquiliTeaCBD. The new product announcement today is the first of a series of corporate releases coming from PURA this week. The series of corporate releases scheduled for this week follow PURA's CBD beverage industry survey results and corresponding analyst research update published last week in conjunction with PURA's pre-marketing initiative for its new CBD infused beer, coffee and tea. PURA recently entered into a select number of partnerships with third party producers of beer, coffee and tea with the intention of producing CBD versions of all three. As a result of the survey results, which indicated consumers primary interest in consuming CBD was for the treatment of anxiety and that the preferred beverage for consuming infused CBD was tea, PURA has decided to lead with its new beverage announced today, TranquiliTeaCBD. A CBD extract has already been developed and flavor profiles are also developed. A logo (the image here is only a temporary representation of the beverage's name) and label are in the works and expected to be complete within the next thirty days. TranquiliTeaCBD is on track to be available for sale to consumers by year end.