Trokie lozenges

Canopy Growth Corporation (TSX: WEED.TO) (OTC: TWMJF) this week announced it has signed a definitive licensing agreement with Farm to Farma Inc. (FTF) for FTF's innovative Trokie lozenges. Under this licensing agreement, Canopy Growth will have the exclusive right to manufacture and distribute FTF's Trokie lozenges through its subsidiaries in Canada, as permitted by federal regulations, and shall have a first right of offer for all other countries where federally lawful, and excluding the United States. Developed by a doctor of pharmacy, Trokie lozenges have been developed to deliver a consistent and repeatable dose of cannabis to its users. Trokie features the most used polymer-based drug delivery system which allows for a zero-calorie product that avoids most common food allergies. There are no gluten, nuts, artificial flavours or colours, and the product meets vegan standards, utilizing many organic/natural ingredients.


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