Ultra CBD Drops

Scott Salisbury Owner
Ultra  CBD
Best Value for drops on the Market today 
UltraCBD 1oz bottle with 200mg 60 servings per bottle. 

UltraCBD™ is a new brand of dietary supplements made with rich hemp-based cannabinoid extract that is manufactured using the highest quality controls in the industry.

The first product being launched under the UltraCBD™ umbrella, the 200mg cannabinoid supplement is a tincture that has been prepared in a NSF cGMP-certified facility. This supplement has been formulated with ginger & flavored with natural spearmint as part of a proprietary blend. Each UltraCBD™ 200mg tincture has been prepared with 200 milligrams of rich hemp extract which contains several of the essential cannabinoids found in the plant.

Experience the Difference

The UltraCBD™ team is vested heavily in the manufacturing process and is fully committed to providing you with the best and safest cannabinoid supplement you can buy at a fair price.

You can rest assured that UltraCBD™ is made in an FDA-approved lab environment to the highest standards and is thoroughly tested and sealed with a calibrated dropper for exact dosing, the expiration date and lot # stamped on each and every bottle.

ultra CBD
Scott Salisbury Owner