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Green Label RAW CBD and CBD-A
The Raw version of the hemp CBD oil has a higher concentration of plant material, like phytonutrients, as it is more of a whole plant extract. This means that there is a greater potential for plant nutrients such as terpenes, flavinoids, and phytosterols to be bioavailable. Some customers have informed us that the paste tends to get messy/sticky within the mouth, and this could be an issue for those who are dealing with dry mouth. The pure raw version hemp cbd oil has a very strong, earthy taste, 
almost like wheat grass and seaweed.

Added Ingredients : None

Form : Paste

Available Sizes : 1 gram, 3 grams, 10 grams, 60 grams 

Please call for all inquiries over 10 grams.

No. Decarboxylation is a heating process that 'activates' the cannabinoids, turning CBDa into CBD

Blue CBD 

Added Ingredients: None
Form: Paste
Available Sizes: 1 gram, 3 grams, 10 grams, 60 grams.  

Decarboxylated: Yes

Decarboxylation is a heating process that extracts the CO2, turning CBDa into CBD

Gold CBD 

Added Ingredients: None
Form: Liquid
Available Sizes: 1 gram, 3 grams, 10 grams, 60 grams

Decarboxylated: Yes

Decarboxylation is a heating process that extracts the CO2, turning CBDa into CBD

US hemp wholesale

Blue vs Gold

The Blue version has a higher concentration of CBD, so if you're looking for the absolute highest concentration, this one may be best for you. However, some customers have complained that the paste either takes too long to absorb into the mouth or tastes worse than the Gold. Pure hemp oil has a very strong, earthy taste.

Although there are flavored versions (in less concentrated bottles) out there, we want to keep High CBD Hemp Oil as natural as possible to give you purely the beneficial components.

If you’ve tried any hemp oil drops, the Gold version is very similar in consistency. We typically recommend customers start with the Blue version if the current CBD concentration is higher, then switch to the Gold if they dislike the paste form. Or, if you wish to vape the oil, the Gold version may work in certain vaporizers—we can’t guarantee it.


Allow oil to come to room temperature before administering. 

  1. Squeeze the oil onto a spoon. (Each ml is measured on the applicator.)
  2. Place the oil you just squeezed out under your tongue.
  3. Swish around in your mouth for 60-90 seconds, then swallow.
The Goal... Consume 60 grams of Hemp Oil in 90 days 
Week 1 
Start with 3 doses daily, about half the size of a short grain of rice. 
Weeks 2-5
At week 2 you will double your intake every 4 days. 

Weeks 5-12
You should now be able to consume 1 gram per day. 
Insert 1 gram a day until your 60 gram supply is gone


The Gold version dispenses much quicker than the Blue. Please be careful when squeezing out the liquid form. Due to the nature and price of High CBD Hemp Oil, no refunds will be given. If you have any issues with the product, please give us a call and we will work with you to solve them.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Always check with your physician before starting a new dietary supplement program. 

Focused on quality over quantity, US Hemp Wholesale CBD Oil was founded to provide the best CBD oil available on the market today. The hemp from which the oil is grown is grown organically, free from pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers. The microclimates where the hemp is raised is optimum for the growth of this incredibly diverse plant, and produces a quality product, which is exactly what you will receive when you order from us!

All oil is manufactured under strict quality controls in an FDA-registered cGMP (FDA Current Good Manufacturing Procedures) certified laboratory. An independent lab tests each batch using high-tech liquid gas chromatography for verification of purity and concentration of CBD (cannabidiol). Additional tests for yeast, molds, E. coli, coliforms, and total aerobic count are also performed for each batch.

These wonderfully concentrated cannabis oils are available in 2 varieties:

Blue Version: This version is a very dark, paste-like consistency. This is more akin to a whole plant extract, leaving in many components of the hemp/cannabis plant, like flavinoids and phytosterols, that may have an impact on our health.

Gold Version: This oil is golden in color, and more like olive oil in consistency. This is a further filtered version of the dark oil, which is done through a process called ‘wiping’. Some patients, particularly smaller children and those with dry mouth, prefer this oil as it is easier to swallow.

These oils are able to be combined with food or beverage. Do note that these oils are not water soluble, and won’t dissolve. Placing the oil in capsules is also an option if the oils are found not to be very palatable.

Blue Version: 15.8% CBD :
Gold Version: 23.18% CBD : 0.72% (Certificate of Analysis)

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