where can I buy cbd     where can I buy cbd
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Tasty Vape in 100mg of CBD 

plus CBD gold label          plus cbd Gold label        Plus CBD gold label
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Wax CBD Can be taken orally or/and in a Dab Device. 

10pcs - 1gr PlusCBD Gold Oil - 25% CBD This premium PlusCBD gold oil is the highest quality CBD in the industry. This new industry standard has a golden wax-like consistency ranging from 10 – 25% CBD. The proprietary chemical free distillation methods are unique to CannaVest and offer customers with potent, formulation ready bulk material. A representative 25% CBD gold oil tested at 49% fatty acid content with publicly available 3rd party certificates of analyses.

1gr PlusCBD Green Oil - 18% CBD ( 3pk ) Our lab has developed chemical-free, gentle heating methods to complete the conversion process. This product retains the original dark green paste consistency of the raw oil and can range from 7 – 18% CBD. Independent analyses have shown that the decarboxylated oil contains approximately 17% fatty acids. Furthermore, the most abundant fatty acids were found to be omega-3 and omega-6.

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CBDpans incCBD

Pan's InK Terpenes
Add a few drops to your Hemp Oil
Pan's Ink® is powered by Terpenes. These are the ingredients that give plants and flowers their distinctive odors.  Many of the physiological effects you experience when smoking your herb are due to the plant's unique "terpene profile". Which in simple terms describes which types of terpenes are abundant in your herb's essential oil.
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Kannaway Pre-filled atomizers 


This is the pen I use. Scott Salisbury Owner! 

Add a few drops to your 
Hemp Oil 
Drowsy, Focus, DayDream