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ELEV8 BRANDS In (OTCMKTS:VATE) posted its fresh brand “Zoe” as their leading line of CBD offerings. The company has been functioning with a manufacturer of CBD items over the preceding five months. The firm has since launched high quality products into vape outlets and secured distribution for its latest premium line of Zoe CBD items.

The details

Zoe CBD will officially introduce their 1,000mg and 500mg Cannabidiol tinctures within the imminent week. Post the launch of the tinctures, Zoe will commence production of its Cannabidiol infused lotion, water-soluble concentrate, lip balm and triple relief CBD salve. Ryan Medico, the CEO of Elev8, expressed that he is extremely proud of their team and everyone behind their product. There has been extensive work going into this official release. They are so thrilled to report Zoe Cannabidiol which will allow them to expand and further move into the CBD and hemp market in 2018.

Medico added that their subsidiary, 02 Breathe, is all set to offer their Zoe line of Cannabidiol products as their go to brand. The firm is currently seeking for additional store outlets as business is fast expanding and the demand for premium quality, full spectrum, zero THC items is growing drastically. They project to have a new site locked down within the imminent month.

Elev8 Brands is a reputed brand that focuses on the growth and commercialization of products meant for the fitness and wellness segments. It is created based on creating premium-quality, sustainable, items for health-conscious clients. Elev8 Hemp LLC is popular as a subsidiary company of famous Elev8 Brands, which focuses on the creation and marketing of hemp-based health care, drinks and food products. The list of products comprises hemp coffee, hemp-based skin care items and hemp water. Another subsidiary firm of Elev8 Brands is 02 Breathe.

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